Anti-Trident Anti-Nuke Protests Rock Scotland

April 14th, 2015 - by admin

STV – 2015-04-14 02:07:10

Hundreds of Anti-Trident Protesters Descend on Faslane for Blockade

(April 13, 2015) — The Bairns Not Bombs demonstration from Scrap Trident Coalition aims to see the closure of the base, home to the UK’s nuclear weapons system. Protesters began gathering outside gates at the base from 7am on Monday in an attempt to stop workers from entering, with the blockade due to last until 3pm.

Patrick Harvie, co-convener of the Scottish Greens and MSP for Glasgow, is among those taking part. He said: “Trident is an obscenity. Through direct action and through the ballot box we can make the case for the UK to play a new role on the world stage.

“By pursuing peace, a global deal on climate change and ending the arms trade we can stand tall rather than clinging to outdated and dangerous status symbols. By choosing to disarm Trident we can re-skill workers on the Clyde to provide defence of the strategically important northern seas, and diversify our economy for social good.”

The group met with police on April 1 to ask them to not make arrests in what they argued would be a “peaceful and lawful” protest. However a few hours into the demonstration police officers began making arrests of those in the blockade, with a spokeswoman confirming 15 protesters had been apprehended.

Anti-Trident Group Ask Police Not to Make Arrests at Faslane Protest

(April 9, 2015) — Anti-Trident protestors have met with police to ask them to not make arrests at their next demo at Faslane nuclear base. The group, which is planning a blockade of Faslane on Monday, has asked Police Scotland not to arrest those who will block the gateways at the naval base.

The request was made by the Scrap Trident Coalition on April 1 at a meeting with police officers, at which they argued the protest would be “peaceful and lawful”.

The Faslane activists cited the precedent provided by Thames Valley Police at a mass blockade of the atomic weapon assembly plant at Burghfield in Berkshire last month. On that occasion, in spite of the fact that the protesters closed the gates to the base for seven hours the force did not make any arrests at the March 2 demonstration.

Organisers have said they expect a “festival atmosphere” and plan to take a sound system at the South Gate and singing by a protest choir at the North Gate. The blockade comes after a large rally in Glasgow’s George Square on Saturday April 4, which was attended by around 5000 people, at which First Minister Nicola Sturgeon spoke.

A Scrap Trident spokesperson said: “As an indiscriminate weapon of mass destruction the UK’s Trident breaches international humanitarian law. This means that peacefully and non-violently blocking the entrances to the base is entirely legitimate and lawful.

“Most people in Scotland share our rejection of Trident and would want our police to recognise this. Those policing the event have the option of using their discretion and allowing the blockade to proceed unhindered.”

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