Restoration: The Forth Episode in a Powerful Environmental Film Series

April 17th, 2015 - by admin

Leonardo DiCaprio / Tree Free Media – 2015-04-17 01:35:46

NEW YORK (April 16, 2015) — Tree Media, a production company focused on inspiring positive social action, with the support of the Leonardo DiCaprio Foundation and in collaboration with Thom Hartmann, released RESTORATION, a film aimed at exploring how mankind can tap into the power of nature to mitigate the effects of climate change.

RESTORATION is the fourth film in Green World Rising, a series of films aimed at moving the climate debate forward. The film focuses on how nature can protect the Earth from the harmful effects of climate change and how industrial design and science researchers can learn valuable lessons from natural systems.

“When we plug into the wisdom of nature and work alongside Earth’s ecosystems, we discover new and exciting innovations. Many are already underway. It is this partnership with nature that will solve our most pressing climate concerns and create the building blocks of a civilization that works alongside nature, not against it,” said Leonardo DiCaprio, Narrator of RESTORATION.

The film can be seen at, where viewers can also take action with resources to contact elected officials and spread the word. “I am encouraged that this series moved the needle and has inspired real action,” said Leila Conners, director of the film, which was produced by George DiCaprio,

Mathew Schmid, Roee Sharon Peled and Earl Katz, and presented by Thom Hartmann. “There is too much at stake to sit back and do nothing. We must act,” said Conners.

CARBON debuted as the first film in the Green World Rising series, exploring the effectiveness of the carbon tax and carbon pricing in fighting climate change. LAST HOURS, the second film in the series, describes a science-based climate scenario where a tipping point to runaway climate change is triggered by the release of methane into the atmosphere. The third film, GREEN WORLD RISING, shows how we can be 100% fossil fuel free in a few decades through technological innovation.

“Nature has mechanisms which naturally protect us from the negative effects of climate change. So when we harm nature, we harm ourselves. Technology will play a crucial role in averting a climate crisis. Yet many solutions lie right before our eyes. We must partner with nature – both by preserving wildlife and habitats and by appropriating natural systems in new technologies — to solve these problems,” said Thom Hartmann.


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