Jade Helm 2015: Military Exercise to Target 7 US States for 2 Months

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Dylan Baddour / Houston Chronicle & Paul Joseph Watson / PrisonPlanetLive & Travis Getts / Raw Story & Dan Lamothe / The Washington Post – 2015-05-01 12:53:23


Covert Warfare Coming to Texas
Sparks Some Fears of Federal Takeover

Dylan Baddour / Houston Chronicle

(March 25, 2015) — Plans for a 17-city Army Special Operations exercise in Texas stirred some ultra-right-wing fears of a government takeover in the Lone Star State, but local law enforcement say they’ve long been aware of the drill.

Operation Jade Helm will bring a coalition of forces, including the Green Berets, SEALS, and special operations commands from the Air Force and Marines to Texas for two months of “realistic military training” in a simulated “hostile” territory between July and September this summer.

Army Special Operation Command spokesman Mark Lastoria said soldiers would practice “emerging concepts in special operations warfare” in Texas.

“Training exercise Jade Helm is going to assist our Special Operations Soldiers in refining the skills needed against an ever changing foreign threat,” he said.

Among the planned exercises, soldiers will try to operate undetected amongst civilian populations in some towns and cities where residents will be advised to report any suspicious activity they notice as a means of testing the military’s effectiveness, said county law enforcement officials who had been briefed by the Army.

“They’re going to set up cells of people and test how well they’re able to move around without getting too noticed in the community,” said Roy Boyd, chief deputy with the Victoria County Sheriff’s Office. “They’re testing their abilities to basically blend in with the local environment and not stand out and blow their cover.”

But the plans caused a ruckus amongst a far-right fringe movement, characteristically distrustful of the government, who dubbed the exercise a rehearsal for military rule in Texas.

Austin-based TV and radio commentator Alex Jones, who has been warning of a government takeover for decades, reported the operation under the headline “feds preparing to invade Texas” after obtaining an unclassified Army document describing Jade Helm.

“We’ve got huge news ladies and gentlemen,” said Jones on his Sunday TV show. “They’re having Delta Force, Navy SEALS with the Army trained to basically take over.”

His biggest concern was Texas’ designation as a “hostile” territory on a map included in the Army document.

“Texas is listed as a hostile sector, and of course, we are,” he said. “We’re here defending the republic.”

A swarm of followers picked up Jones’ reports of the impending invasion, but the exercise had actually been reported months before by local newspapers in Victoria and Goliad. News of the drills first broke when Army representatives met with government and law enforcement officials across the state to explain planned exercises and solicit permission for use of public and private lands.

Jim Stewart, chief deputy with the Brazos County Sheriff’s Office, said it’s not the first time the Army has conducted special operations training off-base in Texas. He met Army officials for a February briefing on the exercises.

“Special ops for years have trained off-post for years, where they go out and have folks that are role players out on the economy,” said Stewart, who worked 31 years in Army intelligence. “They’ll have a scenario they’ll be following and they’ll interact with these roll players as if they’re in another country.”

He said the designation of Texas as a hostile territory was probably a role-playing exercise, where soldiers act as if behind enemy lines. Lastoria called the designation “a misinterpretation of the exercise design.”

Regardless, a large handful of niche news websites raised alarm following Jones’ report of the impending takeover.

Ultra-libertarian website Freedom Outpost wrote “Operation Jade Helm — military trains for martial law in American Southwest.”

Sleuth Journal, a news website along a similar vein, wrote “this drill is about the brutal martial subjugation of the people of Texas, Utah and Southern California who have risen up against unspecified tyranny.”

Lastoria said the Army has been receiving phone calls about the planned exercise “from concerned citizens who were provided information taken out of context.”

“The concerns expressed center around misinterpretations,” he said. “Unofficial sources providing inaccurate information on Jade Helm want people to believe that it’s it something other than a training exercise.”

Sheriffs’ deputies said they would make sure local populations are aware of planned exercises, which will involve participants in civilian dress and civilian vehicles, military aircraft, low-altitude airdrops of personnel and weapons with blank rounds, to avert fearful reactions.

A 2013 urban warfare exercise terrified South Houston residents as helicopters and camouflaged men with assault rifles took over Carnegie Vanguard School. Locals said they had not been warned of a scheduled drill, so they ran for shelter, assuming the worst.

Texas cities scheduled to host military exercises this summer are: Bastrop/Smithville, Big Spring, Caddo Lake, Caldwell, Christoval, College Station, Dell City, Eldorado, Goliad, Junction, Leakey, Menard, Mountain Home, San Angelo, San Antonio and Victoria. Citizens can inquire with sheriff’s departments for specific plans.

An Army document explaining the exercise said Texas was selected “because Texans are historically supportive of efforts to prepare our soldiers, airmen, marines and sailors to fight enemies of the United States.”

It also said the Army plans “to work with civilians to gain their trust and an understanding of the issues.”

Jade Helm will also be conducted simultaneously across five other southwestern states.

PSA Contains Bizarre Subliminal Message About “Martial Law”
Paul Joseph Watson / PrisonPlanetLive

(April 27, 2015) — A bizarre commercial for insurance company AARP (described as one of the most powerful lobbying organizations in the United States) contains a bizarre subliminal message about martial law being declared in America. So first I’ll play the commercial but at normal audio levels. You’ll notice the television news presenter in the background but you won’t be able to quite make out what he saying.

So here is the commercial at normal audio levels.

And this the commercial with the audio level boosted and a transcript of what is being said by this TV news announcer:

“Riots nationwide have prompted governments to declare martial law. The president is asking that citizens find safety and remain calm. Authorities are working to contain the outbreak.”

So the obvious question is why is this subliminal message about martial law being declared by the president after an outbreak appearing in a public service announcement for caregiving, put out by an insurance company? It has no place whatsoever within the context of the ad.

And think about this. This had to be specifically created by the company to appear in this PSA. They couldn’t use an actual segment from a TV news broadcast (A) because they would be concerned about copyright and (B) because no such news broadcast exists about president declaring martial law in America after an outbreak.

So they deliberately put this in and it’s not going to be heard consciously but it may be picked up subliminally by the viewer. I mean what the hell is going on here? This is bizaare. And, then of course, we have the involvement the Ad Council, which is the organization that distributes these PSA’s to be broadcast on television and radio.

The Ad Council basically operates as a public relations arm of the US government and, according to history professor Robert Griffith, the Ad Council is now so closely tied at the hip with the White House that it now basically operates as “little more than a domestic propaganda arm of the federal government.”

So we have PSA’s being put out by one the most influential lobbying group in America supported by the Ad Council, which is now operating as a propaganda arm of the US government, talking about the president declaring martial law in America and this is subliminally embedded into a commercial about caregiving.

So is it really any wonder but people are so concerned about martial law when this is happening omits numerous National Guard police and military drills across the country when National Guard troops US army and police a training for several unrest and domestic disorder in America, in anticipation of Jade Helm, the largest nationwide military exercise ever during which US troops will operate undetected amongst local populations. And even those who dismiss conspiracy theories about martial law and civil unrest, you’ve got to admit this is really bizarre.

This martial law subliminal has no place within the context of this advert. It had to have been put in that deliberately. Why? Why is this being put in this PSA commercial for AARP backed by the US government-linked Ad Council?

1. Need the accurate provenance of the original video file being shown here.
2. After you have verified version/s of original file/s produced and released by AARP corporate or their PSA govt partners, THEN you would need to analyze the file/s native video and audio codecs, as well as audio channel structure (broadcast video files have quite a few ways to be encoded)
3. If this “martial law” audio actually exists in the/se original file/s, then I would ask the actual editor who created the delivered files what they know about this part of the audio.

AARP Responds
AARP Brand Management and Media Relations

(May 1, 2015 6:56 AM) — Thank you for contacting AARP about the Caregiving video. This Ad Council Public Service Ad (PSA) is intended to raise awareness and better support the 42.1 million caregivers nationwide who are caring for an older parent or loved one.

The pro bono ad agency that created this video used a pre-existing, fictional, vintage audio file as background noise to invoke an earlier era; it was not intended to provide any additional messaging or for any additional purpose.

We apologize for any confusion surrounding the video and hope that the audio won’t distract from the social good that has and continues to be accomplished through this Ad Council campaign, which you can learn more about here: http://www.adcouncil.org/Our-Campaigns/Family-Community/Caregiver-Assistance.

If you need any more information, please visit: http://www.adlibbing.org/note-our-concerned-community-members/

Liz Bradley

Paranoid Texans Grill Army Spokesman on
Jade Helm 15 Exercise That’s Sparking Fears of Military Takeover

Travis Getts / Raw Story

(April 27, 2015) — Concerned citizens confronted county and military officials Monday in Texas over the planned Jade Helm 15 training exercise that has ignited fears of a military takeover.

Elite forces from all four branches of the military will take part in the July 15-Sept. 15 operation in seven states across the southwest, where role players will stand in for hostile and less-hostile forces.

Residents packed the Bastrop County Commission, where a US Army spokesman answered questions while an overflow crowd watched from downstairs on closed-circuit television.

Lt. Col. Mark Lastoria tried to assure the crowd that no intelligence would be gathered on non-participants, no property would be confiscated, and no psychological operations would be conducted.

Participants were torn between their respect for the military and their suspicion of the Obama administration, and they frequently expressed concern that they had not been notified about the exercise until conspiracy theories began circulating on social media.

The recent closing of five Walmart stores sparked fears that those stores would be converted into detention centers or link to underground tunnels to transport troops.

Lastoria said “an extra minute of research” would show that those stores were each involved in labor disputes, although the retailer blames plumbing issues.

He also frequently pointed out that troops would be transported during the exercise by rented vehicles traveling by road.

Most of the Jade 15 operations will take place on private property with the expressed approval of the landowner, although one participant asked why residents weren’t permitted to vote on it.

“I don’t understand why you would vote on private land use,” Lastoria said.

He said these private landowners were notified of the operation by word of mouth, which prompted chuckles from the crowd, and he said many of them were connected to the military or were veterans.

Most of the role players are also service members or somehow connected to the military, he said, adding that troops should be able to spot them because their clothing might stand out in Texas.

“I said it before and people didn’t believe me,” Lastoria said. “They dress differently in Fort Hill, North Carolina. They just do – it’s bizarre.”

The Army spokesman assured participants that the United Nations was not involved in the operations, but the crowd jeered when he told them he was not familiar with Agenda 21 – another conspiracy theory.

One man stood up to ask a series of increasingly specific questions about what would happen to protesters who disrupted Jade Helm exercises and whether the operations would be suspended.

“I would find it bizarre that someone would violate someone’s private property to make a personal statement,” Lastoria said.

Watch portions of the public forum posted online by AlexJonesLive.

Why Operation Jade Helm 15 Is Freaking Out the Internet
— And Why It Shouldn’t Be

Dan Lamothe / The Washington Post

(March 31, 2015) — The mission is vast both geographically and strategically: Elite service members from four branches of the US military will launch an operation this summer in which they will operate covertly among the US public and travel from state to state in military aircraft. Texas, Utah and a section of southern California are labeled as hostile territory, and New Mexico isn’t much friendlier.

That’s the scheme for Jade Helm 15, a new Special Operations exercise that runs from July 15 to Sept. 15. Army Special Operations Command announced it last week, saying the size and scope of the mission sets it apart from many other training exercises.

“The nature of warfare is always changing and US Army Special Operations Command’s mission is to make certain the Army’s various Special Operations Forces are trained, equipped and organized to successfully conduct worldwide special operations in support of our nation’s interests,” Army Lt. Col. Mark Lastoria, a command spokesman, said in an e-mail. “Training exercise Jade Helm is going to assist our Special Operations Soldiers and leadership in refining the skills needed against an ever changing foreign threat.”

The exercise has prompted widespread conspiracy theories that the United States is preparing to hatch martial law. Some examples:
Belinski-Bible&Truth @realbelinski
If Operation Jade Helm were happening in any other country, it would be immediately labeled for martial law……
. . .
Joe Biggs @Rambobiggs
Beyond Denial: Preparations for Martial Law in America
. . .
PredictionMan @PredictionMan
BREAKING!! Jade Helm 15 Is Martial Law in The USA, Russia To Arm Insurgents In The USA!
. . .

In particular, some have expressed alarm about this map, which outlines events for the exercise in unclassified documents posted online last week. The Washington Post verified them to be legitimate by speaking to Army sources. They appear to have been prepared for local authorities.

Several media outlets have noted that the Army has pushed back on the outcry, including Stars & Stripes, Army Times and the Houston Chronicle. But it’s also worth noting that the military has routinely launched exercises in the past in which regions of the United States are identified as hostile for the purpose of training.

Consider Bold Alligator, a naval exercise in which thousands of Marines and sailors have been involved in the past. The most recent version was launched last fall, and included amphibious landings to prevent insurgent groups in the fictional country known as Garnet — Georgia and part of Florida in real life — from launching attacks.…

In another example, US Special Forces support fictional guerrilla forces in numerous counties across North Carolina in the exercise Robin Sage. Green Beret soldiers work to liberate the country of Pineland, and operate in close proximity to civilians, who are warned that they may hear blank gunfire.

Marine Special Operations troop also have an exercise that is in some ways similar and called Derna Bridge. It spans several counties in western South Carolina, and includes some activities in Sumter National Forest.

Dan Lamothe covers national security for The Washington Post and anchors its military blog, Checkpoint.

Jade Helm 2015: Troops to “Operate Undetected Amongst Civilian Population.”

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