ACTION ALERT: A Poem and a Letter to The World’s Leaders

August 28th, 2015 - by admin

Joseph Racano / EarthSourceMedia – 2015-08-28 21:55:41

Special to Environmentalists Against War

Let Poetry Heal the Earth
Joseph Racano / EarthSourceMedia

A World

A world coalesced in the vastness of space
Perfect in form and in content and place
Unknowable forces used seasoning shakers
To sprinkle in stardust becoming our makers

These forces departed unfortunately
Could not stay to watch there was somewhere to be
So the world started turning without any help
There were no search engines, no google, no yelp

But visiting asteroids brought water and brine
The impact sent skyward a full moon to shine
And once every month it was fully renewed
The basis for lovers at midnight when viewed

Soon violins sang the background for birds
And species who covered the plains in great herds
Ahead of them storms blew a wind of true love
As life-giving waters rained down from above

With all of this giving the Universe gave
It never required repayment or slave
Totally mute did the stars above stay
Even when mankind was drifting away

Saving a tree was a radical plot
Clear cutting forests, alas, it was not
Many great speeches, lip service to change
The Great halls of power would not rearrange

At long last the garden grew withered and dry
Awakening people to finally ask why
There at the crossroad concern on our face
A dwindling oasis so far out in space

The answer came through on the wings of a bird
Why should the children be seen and not heard?
All our world leaders have miserably failed
Replace them with children, get your letter mailed!

joey racano

Dear (your elected leader’s name here)

You have done nothing but screw up our planet and our people and I feel it is time for you to go. There are people in many places all speaking different languages but all wanting the same thing: fresh air, sunshine, clean water, and night skies bright with stars that shine like jewels.

I am afraid I must insist that the hour is late, you have had your chance and you have failed miserably while accepting no responsibility whatsoever.

Your services will no longer be required. You are hereby directed to relinquish your position and all power to the elementary school children nearest to your current location.

Sorry it didn’t work out.

Your Name Here

Joseph Racano, Citizen
Planet Earth, Milky Way
Morro Bay, California