Democratic Presidential Candidates Need to Challenge the Costs of War and the Promote the Benefits of Peace

November 7th, 2015 - by admin

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Democratic Presidential Candidates Need to Challenge the Costs of War and the Promote the Benefits of Peace
Code Pink

(November 6, 2015) — Two candidates have dropped off the Democratic presidential ticket. Three remain. Throughout last month’s debate, viewers watched as candidates were cordial and polite to one another, bringing up issues of Black Lives Matter and holding the NRA accountable, while disagreeing on whether Edward Snowden’s leaking of the NSA documents was of any good to the country.

On November 6, we’ll be able to watch the three remaining Democratic presidential candidates — Hillary Clinton, Martin O’Malley and Bernie Sanders — on stage with MSNBC’s Rachel Maddow. It’s guaranteed to be lively.

The presidential forum will give us a chance to share our messages of peace and respect for whistleblowers like Edward Snowden and Chelsea Manning. We ask that you tune in to the forum and join us online using #President4Peace to urge the candidates to agree to CODEPINK’s 10 Peace Positions [See below].

Calling for a #President4Peace
For the sake of humanity, respect, and dignity of all people — for the future’s sake — we are standing up and calling for a #President4Peace. Whether it’s on the debate stage or on the campaign trail, the candidates must prove that they are serious about creating and enforcing foreign and domestic policies that are not based on war and policing and instead offer real solutions rooted in diplomacy.

The candidates — from both parties — need to know we’re monitoring what’s being said (and not said), we are educating and mobilizing our communities, and bringing more allies along with us. As a conscious guide for candidates to address a country that is war-weary and struggling for racial justice, CODEPINK created a 10-point peace platform.

This social media bird-dogging guide was created with these 10 points in mind.

We updated our Social Media Bird-Dogging Guide. Email us after the debate and tell us what you think!

10 Peace Positions Presidential Candidates Should Take

US relations with the rest of the world should be based on respect, cooperation, and diplomacy, not war. We are asking presidential candidates to agree to:

1. Reduce Military Spending, Invest at Home
Dramatically reduce military spending, with the freed-up funds to be invested in sustainable energy projects, infrastructure, care for veterans, education, housing, tax cuts for the lowest incomes, humanitarian aid, and payment of the federal debt. Create a transition program for workers to move from military- to peace-based jobs.

2. Use Diplomacy First
Continue the policies started under the Obama Administration of making peace with Cuba and Iran, and extend to other conflict areas of the world, including North Korea. Cease US military involvement and support diplomatic resolutions in the Middle East, including Israel-Palestine.

3. Abide by International Law – No Unauthorized Wars
Abolish the presidential kill list, stop using weaponized drones for extrajudicial assassinations, and support a global treaty banning these weapons systems. Cease the practice of launching wars not authorized by Congress or the United Nations.

4. Work Toward A Nuclear-Free, Peaceful World
Abide by obligations under the NonProliferation Treaty (NPT) to cut the US nuclear arsenal and promote a nuclear-free world. Stop intimidating Russia; end NATO expansion on its borders. Remove the missile defense systems from Europe.

5. Promote Women in Peacemaking
Uphold UN Security Council Resolution 1325 that calls for the full involvement of women in preventing, resolving, and recovering from conflict.

6. Close Overseas Military Bases
The United States spends at least $100 billion a year on over 800 bases in 70 nations, not counting permanent ongoing trainings and exercises. Close all foreign military bases.

7. Observe US Law Prohibiting the Sale of Weapons to Human Rights Violators
Stop the practice of giving or selling weapons to countries that are human rights violators, such as Bahrain, Egypt, Israel and Saudi Arabia.

8. End the Militarization of Police Departments and US Borders
End the policy of transferring military-grade weaponry and surveillance equipment from the military to local police departments. End the militarization of our national borders.

9. Stop Illegal Detention of Prisoners in Guantanamo and Elsewhere, Hold Torturers Accountable
Release prisoners who have been cleared for release and try the others in federal courts. Arrest and put on trial US personnel who engaged in torture. Close Gitmo.

10. Respect Whistleblowers–and Our Privacy
Recognize the value of whistleblowers in serving the best interests of the public. End mass surveillance, including the bulk collection of our personal data.

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