Silent Night Bethlehem /7 O’clock News

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David Morrison / Sadaka, The Ireland Palestine Alliance & Philip Weiss / – 2015-12-23 21:11:00

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Silent Night Bethlehem /7 O’clock News
David Morrison / Sadaka, The Ireland Palestine Alliance

IRELAND (December 15, 2015) — Sadaka has produced a video, Christmas in Bethlehem 2015, in which a rendering of Silent Night is overdubbed with a newscast of recent events in Bethlehem.

It was inspired by the 1966 Simon & Garfunkel track 7 O’Clock News/Silent Night, which has a newscast of the actual events of 3 August 1966, when the Vietnam war raging [See video below].

Silent Night 2015: Christmas in Bethlehem

Sadaka, PO Box 110, Ballyshannon, Co. Donegal

Former Israeli Soldier Ido Gal Razon on PTSD and Murdering in Gaza
‘I killed for you, with these hands!’ cries Israeli veteran with PTSD

Philip Weiss /

(November 28, 2015) — All there is to say about this video posted by a friend is, Watch it. A former Israeli soldier named Ido Gal Razon who was a hero of an Israeli operation in Gaza eight years ago called “Clear as Wine” testifies before a parliamentary committee about his PTSD.

“I killed for you, with these hands. You say terrorists with blood on their hands? I killed more than 40 people for you . . .

“[At night] he comes to me and says, ‘Why did you kill me?’. . . The data you present is rubbish.”

At 3:33, a voice says, “Ido, let me speak” and his mother rises from the gallery to describe how her son’s mental injuries have torn the family apart.

This is sort of the Israeli version of American Sniper, a lot shorter. And yes, it’s about occupation. It’s about resistance. It’s about the price few are paying for war crimes.

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