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January 11th, 2016 - by admin

Brave New Films – 2016-01-11 15:20:42

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“Making A Killing: Guns, Greed & The NRA”
A New Documentary Might Change the Political Debate

Brave New Films

(January 8, 2016) — The documentary film, scheduled to be released in March, depicts the National Rifle Association, as a profit-making mega-business operating with complete immunity, and it’s complete with wrenching real-life stories of families affected.

President Obama issued his executive order yesterday, while gun control measures are gaining ground in many states and cities. With 80-90 percent majorities blowing in the wind, the President, and Democratic Presidential Nominees, Hillary Clinton and Bernie Sanders have an advantage in the debate.

The Greenwald film could be seen by thousands, even millions, of Democratic voters, raising their intensity to historic levels. It will be a powerful tool at house parties everywhere.

The NRA vs Pediatricians
The Real NRA

Brave New Films

(March 3, 2015) — You wouldn’t go to a gun lobbyist or a Smith and Wesson executive for advice about your health. But that’s who is controlling our nation’s response to one of the deadliest epidemics of our time: the public health crisis of gun violence.

Thanks to gun-maker money, the NRA has managed to buy laws like Florida’s notorious “Docs V. Glocks,” which bars physicians from asking their patients about whether they have a gun in their home — let alone whether that gun is accessible to a curious toddler.

Become a producer on The Real NRA and help us expose the NRA and gun companies! DONOR MATCH ANNOUNCED — a generous donor has agreed to match 100% of your donations if we reach our 125k goal! LIKE SUBSCRIBE:

The Real NRA: Making a Killing is a feature-length documentary that will expose the public health crisis the gun lobby has created in the name of profits and furthering their extreme ideology.

At Brave New Films, we take on fights that others won’t — or can’t.

Sometimes that means exposing the destructive forces that Americans are not yet familiar with — a decade ago, Fox News; five years ago, the Koch brothers. But sometimes it means rising up to take the fight against a familiar enemy to a new level. And that is why we are taking on the NRA and gun companies.

It’s time to take this fight to a new level. In a time where there have been over 108 school shooting since Sandy Hook just three years ago, we have to do more.

Since 2014 we have been tirelessly planning, researching and filming the beginning of our documentary. Now that we have a solid start, families willing to tell their stories and broad support from communities including doctors, teachers, students, people of color, we are absolutely committed to release this critical film.

But we need your help!

We will be telling the stories of how guns — and the billions made off of them — affect the lives of everyday Americans and what we can do to put an end to this profit-driven crisis. Through interviews and stories we will advocate for change in our lifetime, to make our country a place where Americans’ lives and safety are not endangered by companies and the politicians putting profits over people.

We have already been able to capture some heart wrenching interviews and footage, showing that guns in America represent a very real and tragic epidemic. Our loved ones are dying with an all too familiar reason: companies are making huge profits. They are literally making a killing.

The stories we are ready to tell are emotional, terrible, and heartbreaking — but they must be told. As must the story of how we can and will fight back against this profit-driven, politically funded public health epidemic.

Help us tell these stories. Help take on the NRA and gun lobby. Help this movie reach millions of Americans. Sign on as a producer today.

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