Obama Speaks of Human Rights, Offers FBI Assistance as Argentina Cracks Down on Media

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Obama Speaks of Human Rights, Offers FBI Assistance as Argentina Cracks Down on Media

Argentina: Tens of Thousands
Demand Justice and Reject Obama’s Visit

BUENOS AIRES (March 25, 2016) — Thousands of Argentinians continue to demand justice, 40 years after the country’s last military dictatorship. By the end of the US-backed dictatorship, 30,000 people were disappeared. Many of those responsible for the crimes are still free. http://multimedia.telesurtv.net/v/arg…

TeleSUR Responds as Macri
Threatens to Shut Down Its Argentina Broadcast


BUENOS AIRES (March 28, 2016) – Argentina’s right-wing government is moving to take the regional news network off the air. The government of Argentina’s efforts to take teleSUR off the air in the South American nation may amount to an act of censorship, the broadcaster said in a statement released Monday.

Argentine President Maurico Macri’s administration has “an open interest in disappearing teleSUR,” the statement said, adding that that any action to close down its correspondent centre in the country would be an act of “open illegality” tantamount to “persecution.”

“Is it Macri’s intention to silence critics of his government?” teleSUR asked in its statement.

Argentine Minister of Communication Hermann Lombardi announced Sunday that his government had begun the process of removing itself as a shareholder of teleSUR, a regional television station headquartered in Caracas, Venezuela.

Once officially approved, teleSUR’s televised news content, which is currently broadcast to 80 percent of the country’s viewers, will be removed from the state operated Open Digital Television service, while ending the obligation on private cable packages to include the news outlet.

“We have agreed to start the process of terminating the participation of the Argentine state with teleSUR,” Lombardi told La Nacion.

The exclusive, printed Sunday in the conservative La Nacion newspaper, also indicated that the Macri government could move to close down the teleSUR’s Argentina office. “Once the notification has been made, a process (would begin) to deregister the teleSUR branch in Argentina that was registered with the General Inspectorate of Justice and registered in the Register of Signals,” the newspaper claimed.

teleSUR, which is legally registered in the South American nation, responded saying “Any action against our correspondents would constitute an open illegality,” the statement read.

Argentina has a 16 percent stake in La Nueva Television del Sur, the company that owns teleSUR, whose other shareholders are Venezuela, Cuba, Ecuador, Bolivia, Nicaragua and Uruguay.

The decision to leave the regional television network, which was launched in 2005, was made jointly by Lombardi along with Public Communications Secretary Jorge Grecco.

Shortly after the announcement, several Twitter users took to social media to express their frustration with the decision.

“teleSUR must be doing something amazing because so many oligarchs want to silence it. Today we are all teleSUR.”

“Now they want to take away teleSUR. With everything they are taking away, nothing surprises me. #sadness”

The announcement also comes as the newly elected President Mauricio Macri has implemented an overhaul of the country’s media laws, which sought to open up the country’s notoriously monopolized media market. Argentines have protested against the new measures, saying they amount to repression and censorship.

Within days of taking office, Macri started taking steps to undermine the country’s Media Law, a 2009 communications policy designed to promote media diversity by limiting the dominance of big media corporations and creating space for smaller, alternative, and community outlets.

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Argentina to Open FBI-Backed Intelligence Center

BUENOS AIRES (March 31, 2016) – The FBI will help Argentina “establish a nationwide network of Intelligence Fusion Centers to detect and disrupt terrorism and organized crime.”

After years of tension between Washington and Buenos Aires, the new Argentine government of President Mauricio Macri has opened its doors to US meddling in internal affairs and as part of this new bilateral relation, the Federal Bureau of Investigation will assist the South American country in opening an intelligence center after an agreement was struck during President Barack Obama’s visit to the Latin American nation last week, El Telegrafo reported Thursday citing press releases from both governments.

Little information was divulged from either government although the White House says the FBI will help Argentina’s Ministry of Security “establish a nationwide network of Intelligence Fusion Centers to detect and disrupt terrorism and organized crime.”

“The Treasury Department’s Financial Crimes Enforcement Network has taken steps to normalize its relationship with its Argentine counterpart and signed a memorandum of understanding that will help increase cooperation to combat money laundering and terrorist financing,” the White House statement continued.

The two presidents also agreed that the US will aid Argentina in its crackdown on drug trafficking which Macri declared as one of the country’s most severe problems. US authorities will look to “reduce drug demand, train Argentine officials at the International Law Enforcement Academy,” the White House said in a statement.

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