EU Militarization: A Dangerous Future

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Brussels Plans a European Union Army
Protect our defense and security — Vote to Leave the EU

The Bruges Group

LONDON (April 21, 2016) — “An EU army is inevitable. As the EU has declared, it is moving to ever closer union, it intends to become a fully fledged superstate. That’s the plan,” Col. Kemp continues. “We would essentially be giving up our right to sovereign self-defence. Control of the EU army would not rest with us but in a collective EU decision . . . . There would never be consensus for an EU military operation to retake the Falklands. It could not happen.”

According to Colonel Kemp, Britain would be forced to join an EU army within five to 10 years if people vote to Remain in the EU.

EU Militarisation
The Ministry of Defence is becoming reliant on other EU countries for military equipment.
* They are purchasing French artillery that fires German shells.
* German firms are supplying battlefield radar, built in Sweden, Germany and even Italy.
* Our military vehicles are now built in Sweden. Surely they should be built in the UK.
* Britain is buying military transports and drones from the French, firing French-made missiles.
* Three aircraft carriers are to be shared between the Royal Navy and France, the French firm Thales is leading their design and build.
* The UK may even rely on purchasing its small arms from the Belgians.

EU Control over Defence Policy
The EU’s High Representative of the Union for Foreign Affairs and Security Policy has the authority to propose EU military missions. Currently the UK benefits from its permanent seat on the UN’s Security Council. However, this can be taken by the EU.

Other EU states can invoke defence clause 42.7 to embroil the UK into their armed conflicts.

EU Controlling Military Technology
The EU is mandating that our armed forces follow the technical standards of the EU Military Staff, the European Union Force (EUFOR), Eurocorps, the European Gendarmerie Force, European Maritime Force and the EU Battlegroups, the EU’s emerging army. Britain’s forces will have to work alongside the EU’s military.

This will mean the UK’s armed forces will only be able to operate alongside those of other EU states with the movement of military products controlled by the EU.

EU Military Satellites
The EU’s satellite navigation system, known as the Galileo program, is not only a major drain on the UK taxpayer costing Britain billions of pounds. It has no practical use that cannot be secured from existing systems, the only purpose must be to coordinate EU military missions.

The EU Has Already Established
* Frontex, a border force that is being deployed to nation states, such as Greece.
* The EU’s Common Foreign Policy is trying to interfere in other countries.
* Our armed forces are having to be standardized by the so they can be control led by the EU.

This is just the start. The EU is planning to create an EU army. A vote to remain will be taken as consent for more EU power grabs. Our defence and security will be taken over by the EU next.

The founding myth of the EU is that it prevented war between France and Germany after 1945.

The Schuman Principles of equality in reconciliation — between victor and vanquished — to build peace are good. But that was back in the1950’s. Today, the EU does not apply those same principles. Today’s EU is a betrayal of those virtues. After the cold war the EU grabbed the spoils of war has lorded it over other peoples as if Schuman never lived.

The hostility towards the EU’s near abroad we see today continues the EU’s ever wider expansion — and they always like an external enemy to force an internal unity.

Tony Blair, Cameron, Hague, Juncker, Mandelson and their friends, they are the EU. And they enjoyed catastrophic adventures in Iraq, Libya and Syria. A new cold-war conflict is the opposite of peace and security for Britain.

We do not want the EU bringing that back — but when Philip Hammond MP talks about EU security, he tells us of how the EU was able to make new sanctions and provocations. Peaceful progress is a better way forward than growing EU belligerence. The EU of tomorrow is dangerous, it is not the organisation that they claim built peace in yesterday’s Europe.

Tomorrow’s EU has an army of its own.

We cannot be part of that:
* The EU says that the purpose is to project its power beyond its borders, like an empire of old. * An EU army will replace the democratic power of the nation- state. We will just be vassals of Brussels. * EU military forces could be used to impose its rule over dissenting popular movements for reform in Southern Europe and perhaps beyond

THE BRUGES GROUP was founded in 1989 to stop the EU taking power away from our democracy and set out an alternative that brings control over this country’s affairs back to the British people.

In this referendum campaign the Bruges Group provides support, leadership and resources to those on the front line of the campaign for Britain’s independent future. Membership is drawn from all political affiliations in Britain and from the membership of pro- democracy organisations.

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