Pressed by NATO, Vladimir Putin Reportedly Prepares for WW3

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Jennifer Ong / Morning News USA & Precious Valerie / Morning News – 2016-08-01 23:22:29

WW3 Scenario: Vladimir Putin Arms
Anti-NATO Force With Nuclear Weapons

Jennifer Ong / Morning News USA

(July 29, 2016) — Wherever they may be, Russia wants NATO to know that it is ready to meet the alliance with force, if necessary. With NATO moving more troops closer to Russia’s borders, Russia has recently announced that it has amassed its own forces to counter NATO. According to Russia, the forces have been armed with the newest nuclear weapons and defense capabilities.

According to Russian Defense Ministry General of the Army Sergei Shoigu, there has been escalation in the military political situation surrounding Russia’s southwest direction. This is primarily brought about by NATO’s increasing military presence throughout Eastern Europe, as well as the situation developing in Ukraine and terrorist activities in the North Caucasus region.

Recently, NATO Secretary General Jens Stoltenberg confirmed that there will four robust, multinational battalions deployed to the Baltic states of Latvia, Estonia, Lithuania, and Poland, which surrounds Russia’s own borders.

Each battalion will be made up of approximately 1,000 troops. For these, the United States, United Kingdom, Germany, and Canada have all committed their own forces.

“In these conditions we have to take adequate measures,” explained Shoigu during a board session of the Russian Defense Ministry in Moscow. That is why there are now four divisions, nine brigades and 22 regiments formed along with two missile brigades armed with the Iskander-M missile complexes.

At the same time, Shoigu announced that the Russian Navy’s Black Sea Fleet and Caspian Flotilla have both received small missile ships with the sea-based Kalibr cruise missiles. Novorossiysk and Rostov-on-Don submarines have been placed on combat duty, along with Russia’s Bastion and Bal coastal missile systems.

Troops have also received S-300B4, S-400 and Buk-M2 air defense missile complexes. They have also been equipped with the Pantsir-S1 anti-aircraft artillery and missile systems.

Aside from this, the Russian military expresses interest in furthering its air defense. At the same time, it is currently training its mobile rapid reaction forces while its submarine crews are undergoing “under-ice training.”

There is also currently a “self-sufficient” force stationed in Crimea.

WW3 Scenario: Russia Prepared To
Attack NATO, Frozen War Happening

Precious Valerie / Morning News

(July 28, 2016) — Nothing spells danger than what is happening between NATO and Russia. Despite denying accusations that they are both strengthening their forces against each other, the signs are evident for a new Cold War, especially after Russia decided to form a brand-new task force to counter NATO buildup in Eastern Europe.

Russia Prepares for NATO
Tensions are rising near Russia’s border, with NATO building up forces in the regions of its members. Since NATO finished its Warsaw summit, it has become evident that it is determined to counter its so-called Russian aggression.

Moscow has started developing a force to counterbalance NATO’s massive military buildup near its European border. The force will operate across Russia’s western and southern borders, as confirmed by Russian Defense Minister Sergey Shoigu.

According to Shoigu, Moscow has started upgrading its military forces because of the growing terrorist activity in the Caucasus region, overall situation in Ukraine, and of course, the military buildup in Eastern Europe.

“In the given conditions, we have to take commensurate reaction measures,” RT quoted Shoigu during a Defense Ministry board session.

The minister also reported that since 2013, Russia’ Defense Ministry already held 200 drills in the southern military district. Additionally, Shoigu confirmed that four divisions, nine brigades, and 22 regiments have been created from scratch.

Frozen War Near Russia’s Backyard
Nonetheless, NATO is not the only thing Russia should be worried about. A new report from National Interest claims that a frozen war near Russia’s border has started to heat up. An Azerbaijan-Karabakh conflict escalated more than two months ago, and there is another threat that things could escalate further.

Russia has to be on the lookout for what happens between Azerbaijan and Armenia. As with other conflicts, it could be possible Russia’s interests would also be at stake should things turn for the worse.

WW3 Scenario: Russia
Ready To Attack US & NATO By Sub

Jennifer Ong / Morning News USA

(July 27, 2016) – It is an attack scenario that brings concerns to experts more than any before. It seems Russia now has enough undersea power to launch a powerful attack against the US and NATO using fleet nuclear submarines.

When it comes to the west, there seems to be a shift in balance of power underwater. Russia is said to have been rapidly expanding undersea operations with “broader strategy of coercion” aimed towards perceived enemies, the United States and the rest of the NATO alliance.

Even with sanctions imposed on Russia by the EU recently, a new report says that the Russian Navy has managed to effectively shield submarine forces against economic and personnel challenges that have otherwise affected the rest of the Russian military.

According to a new report published by the Center for Strategic & International Studies, Russia is more than ready when it comes to the possibility of attacking enemies from deep under the ocean.

In fact, back in 2014, there have been a number of Russian submarine “Loch Ness-like” sightings in Sweden. It was perhaps Russia’s way of expressing displeasure regarding Sweden’s growing relationship with NATO.

During the same year, the United Kingdom’s Royal Navy also reported of a possible Russian submarine spotted just off the coast of Faslane in Scotland where the Royal’s Navy’s only submarine base can be found. On April 2015, similar submarine sightings were reported by the Finnish Navy.

Today, the Russian Navy is said to be in possession of as much as 56 submarines. Among these are the Severodvinsk-class nuclear-powered attack submarines, highly regarded by a number of current US admirals.

Russia’s Northern Fleet, the Russian Navy’s biggest fleet, is in possession of about 42 submarines, although open-source analysis has found that only 22 to 31 of them are operational. Nonetheless, Russia’s Northern Fleet utilizes a number of both special mission and auxiliary submarines.

To effectively counter Russia’s aggressive undersea activity, the report recommends that the NATO and allies, particularly Finland and Sweden, must make improvements when it comes to integrated antisubmarine warfare. Moreover, much focus must also be given to the NATO maritime group.

Recently, the US Naval Forces Europe-Africa announced the start of Sea Breeze, an annual exercise co-hosted by the US and Ukraine in the Black Sea done with participation of 13 nations and 2,300 troops. The exercise include anti-submarine warfare.

WW3: Russia Counters NATO
Presence With Increased Troops

Jennifer Ong / Morning News USA

(July 28, 2016) — NATO making its presence known in Eastern Europe has caused a great deal of concern for Russia, so much so that Russia will deploy more of its troops into the area to counter the alliance’s expansion.

“In these conditions we have to take adequate measures,” explained head of the Russian defense department General of the Army Sergei Shoigu. According to the defense minister, the military-political situation in the area has “escalated.”

Shoigu also expressed concern about the current situation in Ukraine. At present, the US is hosting a series of military exercises with Ukraine along with the participation of 13 nations and as much as 2,300 personnel. The annual exercise is known as Sea Breeze.

According to the Russia Ministry of Defense, there were four divisions, nine brigades, and 22 regiments formed for this purpose. At the same time, there were two missile brigades armed with Iskander-M missile complexes. Aside from this, the ministry said there is now a “self-sufficient” force deployed to Crimea.

Shoigu said that the Russian southern military district has held as much as 200 military drills since 2013. It has received more than 4,000 pieces of new and modernized military hardware. Aside from this, Russia has decided to put its Bastion and Bal coastal missile systems on combat duty along with its Novorossiysk and Rostov-on-Don submarines.

Russia has equipped its Black Sea fleet and Caspian Flotilla with a number of small missile ships armed with sea-based Kalibr cruise missiles. Aside from this, troops have been equipped with new aircraft as well as anti-aircraft artillery and missile systems.

Previously, NATO Secretary General Jens Stoltenberg has confirmed the alliance will be deploying a four multinational battalions in the Baltic states to counter Russian aggression. About 1,000 troops each will be deployed from the US, UK, Germany, and Canada.

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