Russia Hosts the 2016 International Army Olympics

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Al Jazeera & the Ministry of Defence of the Russian Federation – 2016-08-11 23:12:43

Russia Hosts the International Army Games 2016
Al Jazeera

(August 9, 2016) — The International Army Games 2016 kicked off just outside Moscow earlier this month, with more than 3,000 military personnel from 20 different countries. The Games include 23 field, air and marine-based events and feature 121 teams from Russia and 19 other countries.

The countries are showing off their military hardware and prowess in a series of Olympic-style competitions in both Russia and Kazakhstan, which began with a tank biathalon and are set to continue until August 13.

Race 11 Tank Crews from: Mongolia, China, Iran and Belarus
Competition among Infantry Fighting Vehicle Crews: July 30 — August 13

COMPETITORS: 3 crews from each team (each crew using its own tank).
START: Separate with 1-2 min gap (4 tanks on the race at once).
CONDITIONS: Each crew is to run three large laps (7-9 km) with three firing sessions:
1st lap – gun firing three rounds (target #12 “Tank”).
2nd lap – AA MG firing (target #25 “Helicopter”).
3rd lap – coaxial MG firing (target #9 “AT grenade launcher”).

RESULTS: Race results of each tank crew are counted by summing total distance time and penalties. Twelve top teams in the Individual race are permitted to participate in the semi-finals (Relay race stage).

Competition among Infantry Fighting Vehicle Crews: July 30 — August 13

Tank biathlon is a mechanized military sport developed by the Russian Military with some similarities to the sport of biathlon. It is supposed to utilize the complex training of tank crews including their rough terrain passing skills combined with the ability to provide accurate and rapid fire while performing maneuvers

Partaking tanks drive a three-lap route of 6’10 km. During the first lap, crews fire at targets positioned at distances of 1,800, 1,700 and 1,500 m. In the second lap, different targets imitating an anti-tank mortar (RPG) squad and an infantry unit are fired upon.

These targets are at a distance of 600’700 m, and must be engaged with a 7.62 mm coaxial machine gun. In the third lap the tank crews targets a target shaped like an anti-tank gun and ATGM unit by use of the turret-mounted heavy machine gun at a distance of 1,200 m. One or more misses leads to an extra penalty lap of 500 m long.

On the final lap tanks have to go through various terrain obstacles; an obstacle missed or improperly traversed adds 10 seconds to the crew’s final timing.

Chinese Team Prepares for Final
Contests at International Army Games in Russia

(August 6, 2016) — Chinese teams are readying for their final four challenges at the 2016 International Army Games in Russia after completing 13 out of the 17 events entered by the Chinese Army delegation on Friday.

Soldiers from the 20th Group Army of the Chinese People’s Liberation Army are set to participate in a land and open water contest, an armored vehicle evaluation, and tackle a safety challenge course over the coming days. Several international teams have been taking part in the two-week competition held in the historical city of Murom in Russia’s Vladimir Oblast.

Though this is the second time the Chinese PLA have attended the event, the new requirement of using only Russian-made equipment has added greater difficulty to the challenge. Chinese soldiers learned to use the unfamiliar machinery with the assistance of their Russian counterparts.

The land contest, which tests both road and off-road driving skills, started on Friday at the armored automobile training base in Ostrogozhsk, featuring five teams from Russia, China, Venezuela and Kazakhstan. The Chinese group have been conducting intensive training to prepare for their run on the obstacle course, which crosses a variety of terrain, on Sunday.

Due to rule changes in the armored vehicle evaluation event, Chinese soldiers seized the chance to get familiar with the new competition agenda. During the pre-game drill, the Chinese team competed against Russia and Kazakhstan, and won second place. The Chinese team will have an intensive competition with these two teams in the final contest on Tuesday.

Russian Marines are the winners of
The “Seaborne Assault” International Contest

(August 8, 2016) — Referee Commission headed by the Chief of Coastal troops of the Russian Navy Lieutenant General Alexander Kolpachenko summed up results of the “Seaborne assault” international contest.

Russian Marines won the golden medals. Military servicemen of the Chinese People’s Liberation Army and Kazakhstan are on the second and third steps of the podium respectively. Teams of Venezuela and Iran took the 4th and 5th positions.

The “Seaborne assault” international contest was held at the Hmelyovka range in course of the International Army Games 2016 on August 1-10.

Deputy Defence Minister Nikolay Pankov Awarded
Winners of the “Elbrus Ring” International Contest

(August 11, 2016) — State Secretary ‘ Deputy Defence Minister Nikolay Pankov awarded winners of the “Elbrus ring” international contest.

Russian military servicemen are the winners of the contest. Teams of China and Kazakhstan won the silver and bronze medals.

Teams of Russia, Kazakhstan, China and Iran competed for the title of the best mountain unit and accomplished 14 special tasks.

The Deputy Defence Minister noted that visitors of the contest watched fair and uncompromising competition among strongest military servicemen from different countries demonstrating their skills.

Before the awarding ceremony, the military servicemen laid wreaths to the Elbrus monument commemorating 192 soldiers of the Red Army fallen in combats against fascists during the Great Patriotic war.

Competitive Categories
Tank Biathalon.
Suvorov Attack.
Sniper frontier.
Safe Route (engineers).
Gunsmith Master.
Clear Sky (air defense fighter jets).
Keys to the Sky (air defense missiles).
Army Scout Masters (reconnaissance skills).
Engineering Formula (engineer sapper units). Safe Environment (chemical weapons protection).
Maintenance Battalion.
Open Water (pontoon bridge crews).
Elbrus Ring (mountain infantry units).
True Friend (dog handlers).
Military Medical Relay Race.
Field Kitchen (food service specialists).
Masters of Armored Vehicles.
Masters of Artillery Fire.
Seaborne Assault.
Sea Cup (warship competition).
Avidabarts (flight crews).
Airborne Platoon (parachuting).
Depth (military divers).

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