9/11, the Monstrous Lie, the Truth, and the Path Forward

September 12th, 2016 - by admin

Former Congressmember Dennis Kucinich / Dennis Kucinich & Eric Margolis / UNZ Review – 2016-09-12 18:25:55


9/11, the Monstrous Lie, the Path Forward
Dennis Kucinich / Dennis Kucinich’s Facebook Page

(September 12, 20 6) — As a result of 9/11, America has been trapped inside the heart of darkness, living a lie about a world full of enemies, which we have created, in Iraq, Afghanistan, Libya, and Syria. Only when we know the truth will we at last be set free from endless war. Only when we hold accountable those who lied to take us into wars will we be able to move forward courageously in the world. Britain had its Chilcot Commission on the Iraq War.

Where is our moment of reckoning?

As we observe the 15th anniversary of the 9/11 attacks, the wrenching heartbreak of violent loss of loved ones and the utter devastation upon innocents of our nation, let us, too, observe that as a result of 9/11 an unjust war was visited on the people of Iraq who, at the hands of the US government, and leaders in political parties, have, in war, endured and continue to suffer from the equivalent of hundreds of 9/11s.

Top Bush Administration and Congressional officials possessed no credible evidence that Iraq had anything to do with 9/11, yet made the people of Iraq pay for it! Bob Woodward’s book, Bush at War, (Chapter 4, Page 49) makes it abundantly clear that 9/11 was immediately appropriated by the Bush Administration in the service of an ideological agenda destructive to the world.

The Bush Administration deliberately conflated Iraq and 9/11, to mislead the American people into thinking Saddam Hussein was behind 9/11. The Christian Science Monitor reported that when President Bush spoke to the nation in the run-up to the Iraq war he “mentioned Sept. 11 eight times. He referred to Saddam Hussein many more times that than, often in the same breath with Sept. 11.” http://www.cnn.com/2003/US/03/06/bush.speech.transcript/”>See this CNN Transcript.

I did the research, the due diligence and subsequently led the effort against the Iraq war. At the time I was heavily criticized and dismissed for challenging what to me seemed an obviously false narrative imposed on America.

I again call for the creation of a 9/11 National Commission on Truth and Reconciliation, so that the America people can know the full truth of what happened on 9/11, who was responsible, and also what happened after 9/11, and who was responsible for voting for, funding and initiating a war based on a monstrous lie.

Truth About 9/11
Eric Margolis / UNZ Review

“America’s strategic and economic interests in the Mideast and Muslim world are being threatened by the agony in Palestine, which inevitably invites terrorist attacks against US citizens and property.”
— Eric Margolis,
Sun Media, September 2, 2001 (nine days before the Sept 11 attacks against New York and Washington DC.)

(September 10, 2016) — As Americans enter the 15th anniversary of the 9/11 attacks on their nation, they still have not understood the true cause of these dreadful attacks.

Who can blame them? Our politicians and media have totally obscured the truth behind these and subsequent attacks that we call ‘terrorism.’ While we mourn 9/11, US B-52 heavy bombers are raining bombs on what’s left of Afghanistan in a futile attempt to crush tribal forces (aka Taliban) fighting western occupation.

We did the same thing in Laos in the 1980’s, as President Barack Obama properly noted during his visit there last week. Laos has never recovered and Afghanistan won’t either.

Since 2015, the US has dropped at least 32,000 1,000-2,000 lb. bombs on Iraq, Syria, Libya, Yemen, Somalia, Pakistan and Afghanistan — all Muslim nations. US bomb inventories are running critically low as arms makers work overtime.

9/11 was a revenge attack conducted by mostly Saudi nationals who claimed they wanted to punish the United States for supporting Israeli oppression of Palestine, and for what they claimed was the US “occupation” of Saudi Arabia.

That’s as much as we really know. We have never gotten the full story about 9/11. The best we can do is ask “qui bono,” who really benefitted from the attacks?

The 9/11 narrative was immediately twisted by President George Bush into a spurious claim that America had been attacked by Muslims because of its ‘freedoms’ and her ‘way of life.’ This deceit opened the Pandora’s box from which issued the rising wave of Islamophobia and Crusading fever sweeping over the US and Europe.

America was attacked for what it had been doing all over the Muslim world, not for what it was. Most Americans don’t know that the first CIA ‘regime change’ in the Mideast occurred in Syria, way back in 1948. We’re still at it today.

Ever since, the US, Britain and France — the imperial three musketeers — have been breaking and making regimes across the Mideast and Africa, and installing vicious dictators to do our bidding, earning enemies from West Africa to Tajikistan.

Hillary Clinton said this week that if elected president she would advance ‘American exceptionalism’ and assure the new world order. These are code terms for imperialism and hegemony. If Clinton wins, look forward to foreign and military policy directed by Goldman Sachs and the neoconservatives.

Donald Trump vows a major increase military spending at a time when America’s infrastructure is rusting or collapsing and its debt soaring. Both Trump and Clinton warn of growing security threats to America from ISIS and North Korea. In reality, the greatest internal threat is the type of Saturday night gang shoot-outs in Chicago that have killed 500 people so far this year.

ISIS is a military pipsqueak — a bunch of 20-something hooligans. North Korea only wants to be left alone to its misery. Washington, Paris, and London need the ISIS bogeyman today, just as they needed al-Qaida and the Soviet Union before, to justify budget-busting new arms spending and keeping the population whipped up with bogus war fever.

Internationally, the greatest threat to America’s security is, of course, nuclear armed Russia which has enough intercontinental and sea-launched missiles to wipe the United States off the map. Accordingly, Washington’s most important foreign and national security priority is maintaining calm, well-mannered relations with Russia and its leadership.

Instead, we have Hillary Clinton and her frantic war party neocons trying to provoke Russia at every turn and giving Moscow the impression that she will start a war with Russia. It was precisely such war talk and sabre rattling that in 1983 during the Able Archer crisis brought the US and USSR to within minutes of a full-scale nuclear war.

For all Trump’s bluster and Islamophobia, he is absolutely right about seeking good relations with Moscow. The schoolyard demonization of Russian President Vladimir Putin by the Clinton camp and its tame US media is childish, shameful and unworthy of a great power.

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