Green Party and Turkish Officials Warns US, Russia on Brink of Nuclear WWIII

October 21st, 2016 - by admin

Jon Lockett / The Sun & RT News & InfoWars – 2016-10-21 00:10:40

Jill Stein Issues Hillary WW3 Warning
“If Hillary gets elected we’re kind of going to war with Russia, folks”

Margaret Howell |

(October 18, 2016) — Green Party Candidate Dr. Jill Stein talks about the Wikileaks bombshells and why a Hillary Clinton presidency would push us to the cusp of WW3.

‘It’s Don or the Bomb.”
Powerful Putin Pal Warns US: ‘
Vote for Donald Trump or Face Nuclear War

Jon Lockett / The Sun

(October 13, 2016) — Americans should make Donald Trump the next US President or risk being dragged into a nuclear war, according to close ally of Vladimir Putin.

Russian ultra-nationalist Vladimir Zhirinovsky believes Trump is the only person able to de-escalate mounting tensions between Moscow and Washington. By contrast, Democratic rival Hillary Clinton could even spark World War Three, said Zhirinovsky who has been described as Russia’s own version of Trump.

Many Russians regard Zhirinovsky as a clownish figure who makes outspoken statements to grab attention. However, he is also widely viewed as a faithful servant of Kremlin policy, sometimes used to float radical opinions just to test public reaction.

“Relations between Russia and the United States can’t get any worse. The only way they can get worse is if a war starts,” Zhirinovsky told Reuters. “Americans voting for a president on Nov. 8 must realize that they are voting for peace on Planet Earth if they vote for Trump. But if they vote for Hillary it’s war. It will be a short movie. There will be Hiroshimas and Nagasakis everywhere.”

Zhirinovsky’s comments coincide with deep disagreements between Washington and Moscow over Syria and Ukraine and after the White House last week accused Russia of a campaign of cyber attacks against Democratic Party organisations.

Even as WikiLeaks released another trove of internal documents from Clinton’s campaign on Wednesday, Putin insisted his country was not involved in an effort to influence the US presidential election.

Fears of a nuclear war between the superpowers have escalated in recent weeks with a string of alarming announcements. Russia recently held massive evacuation drills involving 40million people, has reportedly built secret bunkers to hide top brass and recalled diplomats’ families back home.

Turkey’s Deputy PM:
Russia & US Will Engage in ‘Global War’,
Unless ‘Proxy’ Syria Conflict Resolved

RT News

(October 12, 2016) — The Syrian conflict has now become a “proxy war” between the two Cold War superpowers, believes Deputy Prime Minister of Turkey, Numan Kurtulmus, who warned that that the conflict could escalate beyond the Middle East.

“If this proxy war continues, after this, let me be clear, America and Russia will come to a point of war,” Kurtulmus told the state’s Anadolu news agency, adding that the world was “on the brink of the beginning of a large regional or global war.”

Kurtulmus described the government of Syrian President Bashar Assad as a “pawn” in the conflict, and urged it to seek peace, claiming that there would be no way to overcome the alliance of forces that opposes it.

The politician insisted that Assad has no place in any future political system in the country, as the opposition will “not negotiate with a bloody dictatorship.”

Turkey has been one of the leading advocates of Assad’s removal since the conflict, which has resulted in more than 400,000 deaths, broke out in 2011.

But Russia, a staunch Syria ally, which has intervened in the conflict at the request of Damascus, has refused to contemplate Assad’s unilateral removal unless Syrian people decide so.

In an interview with French television broadcast on Wednesday night, Russian President Vladimir Putin reiterated that the Syrian president would agree to develop a new, more democratic and inclusive constitution, and overhaul the political system — but only if he was allowed to stand in a future election.

“If the people do not vote for President Assad, there will be a democratic change of power, but without the help of armed intervention from outside and under strict international control, under UN supervision. I do not understand who could find this proposal unacceptable. It is a democratic solution to the question of power in the country,” said Putin.

Meanwhile, calls in the West have grown louder for Russia and Syria to be punished for alleged war crimes, pertaining to the ongoing battle between government and rebel forces in the key city of Aleppo, in the north of Syria.

French President Francois Hollande called for the International Criminal Court to investigate Russia, and curtailed his involvement in a planned diplomatic visit to France by Putin, who has since “rescheduled” his trip. UK Foreign Secretary Boris Johnson has also urged punishment, echoing similar accusations from senior US officials.

A proposed joint cooperation deal between Moscow and Washington was scuppered last month, following a US airstrike on a Syrian army unit, which Pentagon says was accidental, and a bombing of a UN aid convoy, which most Western powers insist was carried out by Russia, which denies responsibility.

Top diplomats from Russia, the US, Turkey, Qatar, Saudi Arabia and Iran will meet in Lausanne in Switzerland this weekend to try and hammer out a new framework for peace.

Nuclear War With Russia Closer Than Ever MSM Admits
The Alex Jones Channel

(October 7, 2016) — Even the mainstream media has come out and been forced to admit that the threat of nuclear war with Russia is closer now than ever before.

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