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Blacks for Is Donald Trump Being Played? (1050)
By Gar Smith
Close observers of all-things-Trump recently were transfixed by the sight of someone holding a prominent position behind Donald Trump’s back during a campaign appearance in Florida. A woman was holding a sign reading: “Blacks For Trump.” And, oh yes, the woman happened to be white.
So who was this lady?
This question apparently didn’t matter to The Donald. Anyone who says anything complimentary about Trump receives the candidate’s unquestioning praise and flattery. Trump proudly picked up one of the signs and strutted it across the stage. “Blacks for Trump!” the candidate crowed, “I like these signs”
Trump had no idea that he was endorsing a jet-skiing Biblical prophet, entrepreneur, soul singer and radio show host who believes that Hillary Clinton is not just evil, but “the Mother of Harlots” whose goal is either to (1) “Globalize the World” or, (2) to “send us all the HELL Rev.21:8” in an Atomic Armageddon.

There also were several black males at the Florida rally—all holding the same sign and all wearing the same T-shirt. It read:
Trump & Republicans
Are Not
Mr. Trump probably never took the time to vet these supporters. If he had, he would have discovered a fascinating backstory.
Had Trump visited the GODS2 website, he would have learned that he was providing a windfall of free publicity for a movement that preaches that 67 percent of Black women are “Eves” (destined to go to Heaven) while the rest are “Jezebels” (“strippers and prostitutes” headed to Hell).
The first thing he would have seen on the GODS2 homepage was a huge headline:
Hillary Will Start WWIII Judgment Day to Kill All Black Women of America

The founder of the is a compelling gentleman who claims to be the grandson of the first Black Prime Minister of the Bahamas and currently goes by a half-dozen names, including: Prince Michael Symonette, Michael Warns, Michael the Black Man, Maurice Woodside, Michael Nicholson, Michael/Maurice and Talk Show Host Michael Boss Radio. His current, preferred handle appears to be “Michaelwarns.”
The author of several self-published books (including Satan is Revealed: The Big Banks and Jezebel), Michaelwarns routinely hosts “Free Jet Ski Parties” at the Symonette Palace, his waterfront mansion in Miami. (Which, GODS2.COM lets you know, can be rented out for wedding receptions and birthday parties.
(A video clip showing Michael performing onstage at one of his parties proves the man can really hold a note.)
Michaelwarns reportedly once mounted a presidential campaign but that failed, he explains because “[I] didn’t have the right to run for president in America as dictated by Arabs, East Indians, Pakistanians (who are all sons of Ishmael) who have infiltrated & live in America & now secretly own America.”
The website features photos of Michaelwarns with the likes of Jeb Bush and Marco Rubio and videos of interviews with a BBC reporter and Alt-right newsman Andrew Breitbart. There are helpful links to Wikipedia essays including “100 Years of Lynching” and articles arguing that Democrats (“the same deceivers today, the Canaanites”) are soley responsible for “the K.K.K., Jim Crow & Slavery.”
When it comes to the Access Hollywood tape of Trump’s mysogenistic comments Michaelwarns comes to the defense by citing scripture: “Trump’s Female problems are phony because God’s Law says in Deut. 19:15-18, Exo.22:10 & the Constitution art.3 sec.3#1. says u must have 2 eye witnesses to prove Guilt.”
Michaelwarns posits that Barack Obama is The Beast, the Anti-Christ and an “Ishmaelite (East Indian From Kenya).” In addition, both Obama and Clinton are members of the Illuminati.
Pillaring Hillary
The current focus of is Hillary Clinton. GODS2 warns that Clinton hopes to unleash a nuclear war that will accomplish “the Trilateralist plans to bring earths population down from now 7 billion to 700 Million & the only way to do that is through a Nuclear war which is why they have built these under ground nuclear resistant cities for them only to survive.” [Sic.]
Michaelwarns offers some juicy images to press his argument that “Hillary is KKK.” One purports to show Hillary in blackface at a party with Bill back when they were apparently still in college. Another shows her exchanging a kiss with Sen. Robert Byrd a former Grand Cyclops of the KKK. (According to Wkiipedia, Byrd only attained the position of Exalted Cyclops). There’s a video clip of Hillary saying: “I admire [Planned Parenthood Founder] Margaret Sanger enormously”—followed by a photo of Sanger preaching eugenics to a white-robed crowd of female Klan members.
The political equation is clearly drawn: Democrats are guilty of creating the KKK while Republicans are to be praised for ending slavery.
“The White Man is not the devil. All good people from all nations will go to heaven. (Rev.7:9-17)” At the same time, another urgent message reads:
(ISHMAEL) (arabs & East Indians) are killing us
(Americans BLACK & WHITE) all over the world
A related note proclaims: “The Ishmaelites Arabs & east Indians Always had Black American Hebrews in Slavery.”
Michael’s arguments are bolstered with a plentitude of biblical footnotes—Among the faves: Isaiah 3:12, Isaiah 47:ch, Zachariah 11:5, Revelations 2:20, 1 Timothy 2:11-15, 2 Peter 3:5-12—and his accusations are rich with the familiar memes from the Conspiracist’s Dictionary. Consider the following prizewinner:
“Rockerfeller is Nimrod King Of The Canaanites & SAUD The king Of The Ishmaelites Masonic Illuminati Trilateralist Big Banks KKK. JP Morgan and the slave masters who are the KKK helped the Banks destroy America.”
The Yahweh bin Yahweh Cult
Michaelwarns is a professed follower of Hulon Mitchell Jr., a charismatic cult leader who assumed the name Yahweh ben Yahweh (The Lord son of the Lord”). A former US Air Force veteran with a master’s degree in economics from Atlanta University, Mitchell settled in the Liberty City region of Miami and declared himself a reincarnated Messiah. In 1990, Miami’s mayor declared October 7 “Yahweh ben Yahweh Day in recognition of Mitchell’s successful efforts to improve the neighborhood’s living standards.
A month later, Yahweh ben Yahweh and a dozen believers were indicted on 18 counts of racketeering, 14 murders (one of which involved a beheading), two attempted killings, extortion and arson. Yahweh was sentenced to 18 years in prison and died in 2007.
On September 10, 2016, at a rally in Miami, Florida, Michaelwarns and a group calling itself “Blacks Support Donald Trump” blasted Crooked Hillary as murderer. The GODS2 website offers this corroboration:
“(Google ‘Hillary body count’). This is not to mention millions have died abroad due to her votes and supports for multiple wars in the Middle East, including those in Iraq, Afghanistan, Libya, Egypt, and Syria, unleashing and expanding ISIS from 8 to 28 countries within a decade, all in the interest of the globalists and her puppet paid master Islamofascist Saudi Arabia & Qatar.”
Well, actually, you can’t really argue with that.
You can watch Michael’s endorsement of Trump’s campaign at But, be forewarned: it goes on for 72 minutes.