ACTION ALERT: Stop Steve Bannon — No White Supremacist on the National Security Council

February 16th, 2017 - by admin

CREDO Action – 2017-02-16 23:19:09

Donald Trump’s Closest Advisor Steve Bannon Predicts War with China in 5 to 10 years

ACTION ALERT: Stop Steve Bannon —
No White Supremacist on the National Security Council

CREDO Action

(February 16, 2017) — Right-wing puppet master Steve Bannon has gotten himself appointed to the inner circle of Trump’s National Security Council (NSC), (1), (2) an appointment generally reserved for senior military and intelligence officers.

Bannon, Trump’s anti-Muslim, anti-Semitic, white supremacist, domestic abuser top adviser should not be in the White House at all. However, his seat on the NSC is unheard of, and the consequences for our nation could be horrific.

That’s why we are joining a coalition of progressive organizations to call on Congress to pass legislation removing him from the NSC immediately, before Bannon’s influence becomes even more bloated and dangerous.

Tell Congress:
Stop Steve Bannon’s national security takeover.
Act immediately to remove Bannon from the NSC.

The petition to Congress reads:

Donald Trump’s decision to seat right-wing white supremacist Steve Bannon on the National Security Council is dangerous for America and the world. Support legislation to keep Bannon off the National Security Council.

ACTION: Click here to sign petition.

Trump and his administration have been playing fast, loose and reckless with our security since day one, and the results are horrifying. On Monday night Trump’s National Security Advisor Michael Flynn resigned in disgrace after reportedly lying to the Vice-President and the FBI about his treasonous communications with the Russian ambassador to the United States. (3)

Flynn’s dangerous behaviour is a symbol of Trump’s poor judgement. His decisions make all of us unsafe, and Bannon’s appointment to the NSC is one of the most dangerous and irresponsible decisions he has made since taking office.

It is clear that in the White House, Bannon is the one running this presidency. He is one of the masterminds behind the unraveling of the Affordable Care Act, the unconstitutional Muslim ban, the anti-immigrant border wall, and the sweeping abortion restrictions coming out of Congress. (3) And now, as long as he remains on the NSC, he has the power to say who among us should be protected and who should be targeted.

Bannon believes in the dangerous lie that the United States is at war with Islam and that America should be the center of a new movement of right-wing populism centering on white nationalism. (4) He also believes that the apocalypse is coming and a new world order is upon us. (5) It is ludicrous that this conspiracy-theory touting white nationalist is guiding our president’s actions.

Congress cannot allow a dangerous white supremacist to drive our national security policy. It has the legislative power to stop Bannon. Congress created the NSC and passed legislation regulating it as recently as last year. (6)

Recently, Representative Stephanie Murphy — a former national security specialist at the Department of Defense and a current member of the House Armed Services Committee — introduced legislation that would protect the independence of the NSC from Bannon’s political meddling by removing him from the council. (7)

Now is the time for all members of Congress — Democrats and Republicans — to choose a side. They either take a stand against Bannon’s vile racist and xenophobic agenda or they trust our national security to a white nationalist political operative with a reckless, apocalyptic worldview.

We need a massive public outcry to make sure the members of Congress know that we expect them to act in the best interest of our nation. Will you join us in demanding that Congress stop Bannon’s national security takeover and act immediately to remove him from the NSC?

Thank you for fighting back.


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