ACTION ALERT: Stand against Trump’s Anti-environment Agenda

February 27th, 2017 - by admin

The Natural Resources Defense Council & Kristen Brown / League of Conservation Voters – 2017-02-27 18:45:51

ACTION ALERT: Stand against Donald Trump’s Anti-environment Agenda

“If you look at these Cabinet nominees, they were selected for a reason, and that is deconstruction . . . deconstruction of the administrative state.”
— Stephen Bannon (aka “Trump’s Brain”)

Gar Smith / Environmentalists Against War

No surprise here, we all knew it
EPA pick Scotty Pruitt
is bad news, bears, so let’s review it:
Climate change? “There’s nothing to it.”
The Clean Air Act? “We must undo it.”
Clean Water law? “We can’t renew it.”
Lead in water? “Learn to chew it.”
On wilderness? “I’ll drive right through it.”
Oil and coal? “I’ll get right to it.”
Polar bears? “I won’t rescue it.”
Atomic waste? “I don’t intuit.”
Stewardship? “I shall eschew it.”
Sierra Club? “I plan to sue it.”
Our planet’s future? “Don’t care! Screw it!”

ACTION ALERT: Fight Donald Trump’s Disastrous
Anti-Climate and Pro-Fossil Fuel Agenda

The Natural Resources Defense Council

Donald Trump has promised to expand oil and gas drilling, kill the Clean Power Plan and roll back some of our most fundamental environmental protections. It’s up to us to show President Trump that we are ready to act — in and out of court — against any attempts to derail the progress we’ve made and force us down a path toward climate chaos.

Urge Trump not to threaten our wildlife and wild places or reverse our progress in fighting climate change — and tell him that you’re ready to fight his administration’s disastrous plans every step of the way.

The radical views you expressed during your campaign would devastate our environment, set us back decades in the fight against climate change, threaten our national security and deprive millions of American workers of jobs in the new, booming clean energy economy.

To that end I call on you to reverse course and cancel any plans to:
* Pull the United States out of the Paris climate agreement, making America an international pariah and threatening our economy
* Kill the Clean Power Plan, the most important step our country has taken to address climate change
* Resurrect the dangerous Keystone XL pipeline
* Dramatically expand oil and gas drilling, fracking and coal mining across our public lands and offshore waters, sacrificing our cherished wildlands and wildlife for more climate-wrecking fossil fuels

If you pursue this anti-environment agenda, I will stand with NRDC — both in and out of court — in challenging your administration’s actions at every turn.

ACTION: To sign the letter click here.

Sign the Petition: Stand against Donald Trump’s Anti-environment Agenda
Kristen Brown / League of Conservation Voters

Petition to Donald Trump:
The overwhelming majority of Americans want safe drinking water and action on climate change to protect our health, our economy, and our environment. I urge you to see reason and STOP attacking our bedrock environmental protections.


(February 27, 2017) — As soon as today, Donald Trump could sign new executive orders to gut critical climate and drinking water protections President Obama and the EPA put in place to protect our health, our economy, and our environment.

Only a month in, Trump has already signed executive orders advancing the dangerous Keystone XL and Dakota Access Pipelines, put fossil fuel industry insider Scott Pruitt in charge of the EPA, and threatened to remove the U.S. from the Paris Climate Agreement. Enough is enough!

We may not be able to convince Trump’s hardcore base — or his polluter pals in Congress — to value climate action, but we know how thin-skinned Donald Trump truly is, and we know he pays attention to what people say about him. Right now, Trump’s approval numbers are awful. This is our moment to show him that the people are angry and demand action!

There’s no sugar coating it: Trump and his administration are a menace to everything we’ve worked for. And with Scott Pruitt now officially confirmed as the head of the EPA, the forces working against us are even greater.

But we will not give up. When the EPA first proposed the Clean Power Plan, LCV supporters sent in 420,000 comments to the EPA supporting the plan. And we joined over 800,000 people in calling for drinking water protections under the Clean Water Rule. People who care about breathing clean air and drinking clean water, who are worried about the dangers of climate change, and who want to save our planet are rallying together and fighting back harder than ever!

LCV is putting all our resources to build a network of engaged citizens that will prepare for the long fight ahead and push back against Trump’s radical agenda.

Clean air and clean water are fundamental rights! Don’t let Trump get away with his attacks on our environment. STAND TOGETHER: Don’t let Trump and Big Polluter insiders to get away with their awful plans for the environment.

Let’s build a people-powered movement to protect our environment from Trump’s disastrous plans! Thank you for standing up to Donald Trump’s dangerous, anti-environment agenda.

The overwhelming majority of Americans believe in climate change and support a transition to clean, renewable energy, and an even greater percentage support increased protections for drinking water.

I urge you to stop your attacks on our environment, which are in direct opposition to what the American people want. In addition, I urge you to make environmental protection a significant part of your administration’s agenda during the next four years and build on the progress our nation has made because of President Obama.

Kristin Brown
Director of Digital Strategy
League of Conservation Voters