Washington Leaks “Decapitation” Option: “Kill Kim Jong-Un”

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Gar Smith / Environmentalists Against War & Ryan Pickrell / The Daily Caller – 2017-04-10 02:00:30

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Washington Leaks “Decapitation” Option: “Kill Kim Jong-Un”
Gar Smith / Environmentalists Against War

(April 9, 2017) – North Korea has good reason to feel paranoid.

While most of the US media has spent the past year obsessing over North Korea’s nuclear program and its missile launches, the global media has been reporting – for years – on Washington’s no-so-secret plans to “decapitate” the country by murdering Korean leader Kim Jong-Un.

In the wake of Donald Trump’s illegal, impetuous, and unsanctioned act of war in following a chemical weapons attack in Syria, the messaging from the corporate media is fanning the flames of more precipitous US military action overseas.

As NBC’s Hallie Jackson reported excitedly on April 6, 2017: “Tonight, is the ultimate test of a commander-in-chief: Whether to activate the military – in this case, after a humanitarian crisis that has gripped the country with the world watching.”

NBC’s second-hand call-to-arms was based on several preconceptions that went unchallenged. Among these is the idea that the United States claims the exclusive right among all nations to act as judge and jury when dispensing bombs and cruise missiles in the name of “our vital national interests.”

Another preconception is that Bashar al-Assad has once again “gassed his own people.” But, as yet, there has been no independent investigation into who was responsible for the release of deadly chemicals that lead to the agonizing and gruesome deaths of at least 70 Syrian men and children in Idlib Province.

The White House and US mainstream media continue to echo the charge that President Barack Obama is somehow “responsible” for the death in the village of Khan Sheikhun because of his failure to attack Syria for using chemical weapons following a 2013 attack on the city of Ghouta. Obama continues to be faulted for failing to act after Assad “crossed a red line.”

At the same time, little attention paid to the fact that
(1) Assad acted on then-Secretary of State John Kerry’s offer to avoid a bloody war by surrendering his existing chemical weapons stockpiles and
(2) a UN investigation failed to find any firm evidence that Assad was responsible for the alleged use of sarin nerve gas.

Subsequent investigations by the UN and the Pentagon left open the possibililty that the deadly gas had been used by Assad’s rebel opponents who staged the attack in hopes of “framing” the regime.

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A “Wide Range of Options”: Nuclear Bombs, Assassination, and Covert Invasions

On April 7, 2917 NBC Nightly News reported that it had “learned exclusive details about the top secret, highly-controversial options that are being presented to the president for possible military action against North Korea.”

NBC featured an interview with Adm. James Stavridis (Ret.), Nightly News’ Chief International Security and Diplomacy Analyst. “It’s mandatory to present the widest possible array of options,” Stavridis stated, “That’s what enables presidents to make the right decisions: when they see all the all the options on the table in front of them.”

But the “wide array of options” appeared to be dangerously narrow. Instead of considering diplomatic options (which could involve accepting China’s “double-halt” proposal that the North halt its missile and nuclear tests in exchange for South Korea and the US ending its provocative military exercises), the only three options placed on the President’s table were:

Option 1:
Nuclear Weapons to South Korea

Option 2
“Decapitation”: Target and Kill

Option 3
Covert Action

Top Secret US Options for North Korea
Cynthia McFadden, NBC Senior Legal & Investigative Correspondent, laid out the three options. The first involved reversing a decades-old de-escalation treaty and shipping a new assortment of US nuclear weapons back to South Korea.

According to McFadden (working as some Washington insider’s media megaphone), the second option would be a “decapitation” strike designed to: “target and kill North Korea’s leader, Kim Jong-un and other senior leaders in charge of missiles and nuclear weapons.”

Stravridis, however, cautioned that “decapitation is always a tempting strategy when you’re faced with a highly unpredictable and highly dangerous leader.” (The words are freighted with a chilling irony given that this description of the Korean leader also fits the US leader, Donald Trump.) According to Stravridis, “The question is: what happens the day after you decapitate.”

The third option involves infiltrating South Korean troops and US Special Forces into the North to “take out key infrastructure” and possibly stage targeted attacks on political targets.

The first option violates numerous nuclear nonproliferation agreements. (Nonetheless, NBC conveniently informs us, there is growing support in the South for reinstalling atomic weapons aimed at the North Korean border.)

The second and third options involve infringements of sovereignty as well as gross violations of international law.

Over the past years, the world press has run numerous articles detailing Washington’s desire to attack North Korea and topple the regime, even it that involves a criminal “decapitation strike.”

Now that NBC has been given the go-ahead to “normalize” the political assassination of a foreign leader by broadcasting Kim Jong-Un’s murder as a reasonable “option,” the geopolitical stakes have grown even higher.

Sanctions have so far failed to alter Kim’s behavior. It is doubtful that overt US threats calling for his murder will do anything more than harden his determination to empower his military with “offsetting” weaponry that can “send a message” to Washington and to the tens of thousands of US soldiers surrounding his country to the south, in Japan and, on Guam and other Pentagon-colonized islands in the Pacific.

One option that we would be better advised to explore is the one that China has proposed: Washington should stop its massive (and massively costly) “invasion games” off North Korea’s border and shores; in exchange, Kim would agree to halt the testing of destabilizing nuclear weapons and missiles.

It seems a fair — and wise — solution. So far, Washington and South Korea have dismissed it as “a non-starter.”

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North Korea Threatens To Strike US,
South Korean Troops ‘Without Warning’

Ryan Pickrell / The Daily Caller

(March 27, 2017) — Pyongyang is threatening preemptive strikes against US and South Korean troops in response to alleged decapitation drills targeting North Korean leadership.

US and South Korean strategic plans for a nuclear crisis on the Korean peninsula are said to include strikes on North Korean leadership, as well as the North’s weapons facilities and military command centers. The ongoing Foal Eagle drills reportedly involve joint exercises for such a situation.

South Korean media has reported that US and South Korean special forces are training for such a contingency. North Korea asserts that these troops were dispatched “at the direct instruction of the US president.”

“The [Korean People’s Army] will not remain a passive onlooker to hordes of robbers trying to hurt our people with daggers,” the state-run Korean Central News Agency wrote, citing the General Staff of the KPA. The North Korean military explained that the presence of spec ops units on the Korean peninsula justifies an attack.

“The KPA will deal deadly blows without prior warning any time as long as the operation means and troops of the US and South Korean puppet forces involved in the ‘special operation’ and ‘preemptive attack’ targeting the [Democratic Republic of Korea] remain deployed in and around South Korea,” the North Korean military warned.

“Once the enemy launches the said ‘operation and strike,’ they will bring about a historic event in which the US imperialists will face a miserable doom and the South Korean puppet forces a final ruin,” the report added.

The Foal Eagle drills typically provoke an aggressive response from North Korea, but Pyongyang has been particularly hostile since Secretary of State Rex Tillerson suggested that military action is an option for dealing with North Korea. The North believes the new administration, which has yet to formulate a North Korea policy, has taken a hard-line stance against it.

It is unclear whether US and South Korean troops have conducted exercises aimed at eliminating North Korean leadership, but allied troops practiced raiding a mock North Korean chemical weapons facility last week.

Since the start of the joint drills on the peninsula, North Korea has fired off multiple ballistic missiles in drills rehearsing strikes on American and South Korean troops and strategic assets.

The US has deployed significant military assets, including supersonic bombers, multi-role stealth fighters, nuclear-powered submarines and aircraft carriers, and elite combat troops to the peninsula for the drills.

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