Russia Accuses US of ‘Longstanding Tradition’ of Starting Wars and Supporting Terrorism

June 19th, 2017 - by admin

Fort Russ News and Al Mayadeen & Associated Press & RIA Novosti – 2017-06-19 21:28:14

“Shooting Down the Syrian Jet Clearly Shows
US is Supporting Terrorism” – General Command of the Syrian Army

Fort Russ News and Al Mayadeen

(June 18, 2017) — General Command of the Syrian Army confirmed that the US-led international anti-ISIS coalition shoot down one of its aircrafts on Sunday afternoon.

At the time of its downing, the aircraft was reportedly targeting ISIS terrorists in the town of Rusafa, located in the southern countryside of Raqqah province. The incident resulted in both, the crash of a plane and the loss of a pilot.

Later, the US military command confirmed that an American warplane shot down a Syrian military jet, saying it was shot down after it had approached the Tabqa area where the US-backed groups are stationed.

The General Command of the Syrian Army condemned the latest US aggression, saying it confirms the American side is openly supporting terrorism and tries to do its best to hold back the success of the Syrian Army, adding the attack confirms coordination between the United States and ISIS as it nicely exposes its malicious intentions of using terrorism to achieve the desired goals in the region.

Meanwhile, the so-called Syrian Observatory for Human Rights said clashes between the Syrian Army and the Kurdish-led Syrian Democratic Forces, broke out on the axes north of the town of Rusafa, after the Syrian Army took control of the village of Jaaedeen.

The so-called Syrian Democratic Forces are backed by the US.

US a Greater Threat to Peace than North Korea
Associated Press

(April 15, 2017) — These concerns were echoed by a senior Russian lawmaker who, as AP reports, says the US is a greater threat to global peace than North Korea.

Konstantin Kosachev, the head of the Foreign Affairs Committee in the upper house of Russian parliament, said Friday “the most alarming thing about the current US administration is that you can’t be sure if it is bluffing or really going to implement its threats.”

He says “America objectively poses a greater threat to peace than North Korea,” adding that “the entire world is scared and left guessing if it strikes or not.”

Kosachev says there is a “small hope” that President Donald Trump’s administration would listen to warnings from Russia and China not to use military force against nuclear-armed Pyongyang.

US Has a “Longstanding Tradition” of
Aggression under Invented Pretexts

Fort Russ News & RIA Novosti

(April 14, 2017) — The official spokesman of Russia’s Ministry of Defense, Igor Konashenkov, has commented on media reports alleging that the US intercepted conversations within the Syrian military on preparations for a chemical attack in Khan Shaeyhun.

“According to a longstanding tradition, the Pentagon always covers every violation of international law and especially any armed aggression by the US against sovereign countries with the presence of some kind of ‘indisputable’ evidence of atrocities. The more invented this pseudo-evidence is, the more ‘secret’ it is,” Konashenkov remarked.

Konashenkov added that if US intelligence continues to hide its alleged evidence of crimes against humanity, this means that there is no such evidence.

This comes on the heels of CNN’s citing of a senior US official that the US military and intelligence had intercepted Syrian officers and chemical experts discussing preparations for an attack with the use of sarin.

On April 4th, the Syrian “opposition” claimed 80 dead and 200 wounded in a chemical attack on the town of Khan Shaykun. Syrian government troops were blamed for the attack, who in turn strongly rejected the accusations and blamed the incident on terrorists and their patrons.

According to Russia’s Ministry of Defense, Syrian air forces had struck the terrorists’ arsenal in Khan Shaykun which included chemical weapons being delivered to Iraq.

Without showing any evidence of the guilt of the Syrian military and without listening to Moscow’s call to hold a thorough investigation before blaming Damascus, on the night of April 7th, the US launched 59 rockets at a Syrian military base.

The target of the attack was the Shayrat airfield which Washington alleges the chemical attack came from. Meanwhile, Syrian Foreign Minister Walid Muallem stated that the Syrian army has never used and does not intend to use chemical weapons against civilians or terrorists, and that the country’s entire chemical arsenal had been removed earlier by the Organization for the Prohibition of Chemical Weapons.

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