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Oil Change International & Rainforest Action Network – 2017-07-04 01:07:18

FERC releases ‘utterly insufficient review’ for Mountain Valley Pipeline

FERC Releases ‘Utterly Insufficient Review’
For Mountain Valley Pipeline

Oil Change International

(June 25, 2017) — The Federal Energy Regulatory Commission (FERC) released its Final Environmental Impact Statement Friday for the Mountain Valley Pipeline, a controversial 303-mile pipeline that would carry two billion cubic feet of fracked gas per day from West Virginia through Virginia.

As has been the pattern at FERC, the review fails to adequately assess whether the pipeline is needed in the first place, while sweeping aside the project’s serious threats to water resources, the safety of communities and the climate.

Oil Change International research analyst Kelly Trout had the following response to FERC’s deeply flawed climate assessment:

In this utterly insufficient review, FERC ignores both science and economics to sweep aside the Mountain Valley Pipeline’s significant climate impact. FERC severely undercounts climate pollution by ignoring methane leakage across the gas supply chain, which makes gas as dirty or dirtier than coal, and by omitting emissions from upstream fracking.

FERC also wrongly assumes that gas supplied by the project is likely to replace coal, when it’s just as likely to lock out the clean energy and efficiency alternatives we urgently need.

If FERC was doing its job, it would find the Mountain Valley Pipeline will cause an unacceptable increase in climate pollution and reject this dirty project. A proper analysis shows that this pipeline will cause as much climate pollution as 26 coal plants per year.

This project is the last thing we need in the face of worsening heatwaves and flooding, and when clean alternatives are readily available now.

Concerned residents continue to fight this dirty pipeline because it’s a clear threat to local livelihoods, clean water and our climate. It’s time for FERC to completely overhaul its pipeline review process to prioritize the safety of communities and our climate, not the profits of corporate polluters.

In a recent study, Oil Change International found that the Mountain Valley Pipeline will cause nearly 90 million metric tons of greenhouse gas pollution per year, which is the equivalent of 26 coal plants or 19 million vehicles on the road.

The study applied a gas pipeline climate methodology that is based on the latest analysis of the lifecycle pollution of fracked gas from the Appalachian Basin.

Resist Trump Pipelines
Rainforest Action Network

Donald Trump’s administration approved the final permit for the Keystone XL pipeline, but we can still stop it if we follow the money. We have a plan to resist his dangerous fossil fuel agenda. Are you ready to turn anger into action? We are calling for mass acts of peaceful civil disobedience to stop Trump’s pipeline agenda.

Take the pledge and we’ll train you and connect you to the growing movement to protect the climate and uphold human rights.

The Trump fossil fuel agenda has already begun
Are you ready for civil disobedience?

The Trump Administration has fast-tracked the Keystone XL pipeline and the Dakota Access pipeline. These actions signal a critical turning point in the fight for our communities, for our planet, for Indigenous rights and for our future against the very real threat of climate change.

This is the fight for our country against the denial of science, the denial of human rights, and environmental destruction in the name of rampant corporate greed.

We have already seen millions of people mobilized against this new president’s dangerous and disrespectful agenda. If you are ready to turn anger into action, we have the strategy, we have the infrastructure, and we have the history and commitment to make change happen.

Pledge to Resist Pipeline Construction and Pipeline Financing.
We are calling for mass acts of peaceful civil disobedience to stop the construction and financing of dangerous, polluting pipeline projects. That means we will be showing up to disrupt pipeline construction and challenge the banks that are bankrolling climate chaos and human rights abuses.

What do you get?
* You get training and training materials on organizing your community and organizing effective direct action.
* You get connected to like-minded activists across the country.
* You get the updates on pending actions and developments.
* You get to be part of a growing national movement to protect the climate and uphold human rights.

Will You Join Us?

Rainforest Action Network has a 30-year history challenging corporate power. In 2013, we helped to launch the KXL Pledge of Resistance when nearly 100,000 people like you signed a pledge to engage in civil disobedience against the KXL pipeline’s construction.

RAN conducted more than 150 civil disobedience trainings in 38 states — training local leaders who went on to train more than 3,000 participants across the country. Thanks to you, we’ve built a committed network of people willing to stand up for people and planet. And we need your help now more than ever.

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