ACTION ALERT: Peace Economies, Perpetual Wars, and the Pentagon Budget: A Webinar

July 24th, 2017 - by admin

Code Pink & Nation of Change & Win Without War – 2017-07-24 01:14:48

ACTION ALERT: Peace Economies, Perpetual Wars
and the Pentagon Budget: A Webinar

Code Pink

The Trump administration has proposed an increase in the military budget of at least $54 billion dollars, making it more than $600 billion a year. This is more than half of federal discretionary funds! It’s no wonder we don’t have money to address the crisis of global warming, build effective public transportation systems, institute a Medicare-for-All health system, or provide the free college education that all our youth deserve.

The military industrial complex won’t give us the clean water, the health care, the education we need, it won’t even give us security, but on the contrary.

Help us support the work of Growing Local Peace Economies globally.

This Monday, July 24 at 5:30pm PT / 8:30pm ET join Bill Hartung from the Center for International Policy, Jacqueline Cabasso from United For Peace And Justice, and CODEPINK for a webinar on how to organize locally to stop the proposed military increase, and instead invest in the needs and rights of our communities.

WHAT: No Budget for War: Building Local Power to Divest from War
WHEN: Monday, July 24 @ 5:30pm PT / 8:30pm ET
WHERE: Online

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It is up to us. Join us to develop strategies to move towards a just transition as we divest for the war economy and grow local peace economies.

Looking forward to building local power with you!
Ariel, Mariana and the CODEPINK team.

Webinar: Learn How to Stop Trump’s War Budget!
Event Description

During this webinar we will:
* Talk about how you can influence your members of congress to block Trump’s budget to bankroll war while slashing social programs.

* Open space for questions

Webinar Information:
When and Where
July 24, 2017
Time: 8:30 pm eastern, 5:30 pm pacific

Join from PC, Mac, Linux, iOS or Android:
Or iPhone one-tap (US Toll): +14086380968,,361480648# or +16465588656,,361480648#

Or Telephone:
Dial: +1 408 638 0968 (US Toll) or +1 646 558 8656 (US Toll)
Meeting ID: 361 480 648
International numbers available:

US Policy of Perpetual War

Nation of Change Staff

(March 16, 2016) — As Michael Payne puts it, “The War on Terror is not a war unto itself; it is just one facet of the larger agenda of perpetual war that this government, filled with bloodthirsty war hawks, has conducted for far too long.”
For the last 15 years America, has been engaged in perpetual war.

Our government tells us to be afraid, and that terrorist groups pose a great threat to our country. But America has played the largest role in the origin, spread, and cultivation of these terrorist groups with our constant aggressive military policies.
It is time for the United States to end this state of perpetual war, to bring our troops home, and to cease our aggressive military policies.

Action: Please join us in telling President Trump to stop the war on terror. We need to promote peace and communication between countries, not aggressive foreign policy and military practices. Sign here.

For every 1,000 signatures, Nation of Change will send a letter to Donald Trump, telling him to end the US policy of perpetual war.

ACTION ALERT: Stop Trump’s
Unchecked Power to Wage Endless War

Win Without War

(July 21, 2017) — Tuesday night, in secret without any votes, Paul Ryan cowardly killed an effort to limit Donald Trump’s ability to wage war. And yesterday, alongside Rep. Barbara Lee, I condemned this deceptive action. Rep. Lee is leading the effort to limit Trump’s war-making ability. But thanks to Speaker Ryan, the president will continue to have the power to wage endless wars.

We’ve had sixteen years of blanket war authorization — and that same authorization has been used to fight in multiple conflicts. But just this past month, a bipartisan group of representatives supported Rep. Lee’s amendment to the defense bill that would end this authorization. This bipartisan support signified a growing movement to curb this unilateral ability to wage war.

But late Tuesday night, Speaker Paul Ryan secretly stripped this bipartisan amendment from the defense appropriations bill. Our movement has worked for over a decade on ending authorization for endless war. This is disappointing. But we’re not backing down because we know that the movement for peace is growing. Now is the time to keep up the pressure.

Once upon a time, the president would need Congressional approval before conducting military actions. Congress would have to listen to the will of voters on matters of foreign policy — instead of granting unchecked power to the president.

This is how our military actions are supposed to be handled. Back when public debate and the rule of law mattered, the merits of a conflict were more carefully considered in the debate to authorize force.

Now, war is waged in the foggy shadows of the American mind. We’re disconnected from conflict, unaware of the actions that our tax dollars fund. This disconnect, the absence of a debate about the use of force, and the ensuing conflicts are due in large part to this blanket authorization.

It shouldn’t be like this. We need to revoke this authorization and restore Congress’ constitutional duty to debate and consider the use of force. Our voices are being heard. This was the first time that a congressional panel has voted to repeal the AUMF and we can’t back down now. We can’t let our progress slip away.

Just this past month, a bipartisan group of representatives supported Rep. Barbara Lee’s amendment to the defense bill that would end the president’s blanket authorization on the use of military force. But this week, Speaker Paul Ryan quietly killed Rep. Lee’s amendment.

This is disappointing. But we’re not backing down. It’s time to restore Congress’ duty to debate and authorize the use of military force. Trump shouldn’t have a blank check to wage war. Will you help us keep up the pressure?

ACTION: Will you act now to press for an end to endless war?
Tell Congress: It’s time to end Trump’s blank check for endless war.
Click here to sign the petition.

To Members of the US Congress:

It is Congress’ duty to authorize the use of military force. Since 2001, the same authorization of the use of force has been used in multiple conflicts around the world. It’s time to end this blanket authorization and restore public debate and the rule of law to the use of American military power.

This is a priority for our movement, and we know it’ll be a long fight. But together we will succeed.

Thank you for working for peace,
Stephen, Mariam, Michelle, and the Win Without War team