ACTION ALERT: De-escalate North Korea Crisis Before Trump Blunders Us into a Nuclear War

September 27th, 2017 - by admin

Rep. Tulsi Gabbard / US House of Representatives & Win Without War – 2017-09-27 00:00:08

ACTION ALERT: De-escalating North Korea
Rep. Tulsi Gabbard / US House of Representatives

(September 26, 2017) — After spending trillions of dollars on counterproductive regime change wars in Iraq, Syria, and Libya, we cannot afford to enmesh ourselves in another costly conflict with North Korea.

Trading barbs, personal insults, and threats with Kim Jong Un has put the United States in a more tenuous position in East Asia than we have experienced since the Korean War. Taking a hardline stance that abandons diplomacy has caused the North Korean military to multiply their ballistic missile tests, put Guam in their crosshairs, and now threaten to shoot down American military planes.

Regime change policy has failed, and it has nearly bankrupted our federal government. We have leaders who drag their feet at ensuring clean water for Flint or health care for the American public, but who jump at the opportunity to entangle ourselves in more costly foreign conflicts.

Toppling Muammar Gaddafi and Saddam Hussein has not made the world safer — instead, dictators like Kim Jong Un cling harder to their nuclear arsenal as the only deterrent to further US aggression.

The cost of war is profound. I have served alongside friends in the Middle East who never made it home, and alongside still more who have struggled against systemic issues at home that we have neglected for want of more foreign entanglements.

Diplomacy is our best hope to de-escalate the crisis with North Korea, and ultimately denuclearize the Korean peninsula. In order to protect our troops and allies in South Korea, Japan, and on naval vessels patrolling the Pacific, we have a responsibility to bring North Korea to the table.

We can only win North Korea’s trust when we swear off our arbitrary interventions in sovereign countries. Peace, not war, is the only sane option, but there is a longstanding bipartisan consensus in Washington that disagrees.

I need your help to break through the bipartisan foreign policy establishment that says the United States must wage war in countries across the world. Sign our petition to support diplomatic efforts to resolve the crisis in North Korea.

I have never been afraid of going against my own party or the Washington establishment to do what I feel is right.

ACTION: Please sign our petition for diplomacy and an end to counterproductive regime change policy.

Peace is more difficult to achieve than conflict. We cannot be afraid of standing up to our enemies — especially when all our enemies seem to want is violence. Let’s find a better path forward.


ACTION ALERT: Trump Is Blundering Us into Nuclear War
Win Without War

(September 26, 2017) — Donald Trump is recklessly tweeting the United States toward a catastrophic war with North Korea.

This isn’t a joke and it’s not hyperbole.

With each rogue speech or unhinged tweet Trump makes about blowing up the reclusive regime, North Korean officials fire back with greater intensity. Just yesterday, following the flight of US bombers near North Korea, their foreign minister threatened to shoot down American warplanes.

Experts from across the political spectrum are becoming increasingly worried that the United States is headed toward an entirely preventable war on the Korean peninsula. This is precisely the situation former US Defense Secretary William Perry was warning about when he said,”[t]he danger is that we would blunder in a nuclear war by . . . a conventional military conflict and a conventional war escalating into that.”

Think about that: We’re racing towards nuclear war.

It’s clear that Donald Trump thinks he can “win” this crisis by making one threat after another, but so far, his actions are only making a bad situation dramatically worse. Thankfully, Donald Trump isn’t the only elected leader we have.

We need Congress to speak up and immediately work towards a diplomatic intervention that would ease tensions with North Korea, begin talks to find an actual solution to the crisis, and speak out against Trump’s reckless rhetoric that’s driving us to war.

Email your Representative and Senator today and ask them to promote diplomacy with North Korea.

We’ve got our work cut out for us. Some members of Congress are defending Trump’s dangerous behavior while others are openly calling on the United States to attack North Korea without provocation.

Experts warn it’s possible that the North Koreans view Trump’s bluster as a precursor to a US-led attack, provoking them to strike first. In fact, the North Korean foreign minister said as much yesterday, calling Trump’s speech at the United Nations, “a declaration of war.”

We are in a very dangerous situation and we cannot let Trump’s warmongering go unanswered.

We need to take a giant step back from the brink of nuclear war. Write to your Members of Congress and demand that they speak out against war with North Korea.

ACTION: Please take a few minutes to email your members of Congress and ask them to denounce Trump’s reckless rhetoric and ask them to promote diplomacy with North Korea.

With every reckless tweet, Donald Trump is dragging the United States closer to a catastrophic war with North Korea. Experts from across the political spectrum agree that we’ve entered a unique and dangerous situation that requires immediate action to ease tensions and work toward a diplomatic resolution.

As your constituent, I urge you to speak out forcefully against Donald Trump’s dangerous rhetoric — reminding the American people that only Congress can declare war and that Trump has no authority to start a war with North Korea — and call on all sides to come to the negotiating table to find a diplomatic solution to this crisis.

Thank you for working for peace,
Ben, Erica, Stephen and the Win Without War team

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