ACTION ALERT: Trump Tweets While Puerto Rico Dies

September 28th, 2017 - by admin

Perry O’Brien / Common Defense & Environmentalists Against War & Climate Hawks – 2017-09-28 01:04:23

Trump Tweets While Puerto Rico Dies

Perry O’Brien / Common Defense

(September 27, 2017) — Puerto Rico — an island of 3.4 million people — has been without power for a week. 60% of their population is stranded without drinkable water. And 90% of their cell phone towers are down.

This is a full-blown humanitarian crisis. And Trump isn’t doing anything to help.

While some military support has been deployed in the wake of these devastating hurricanes, it’s nothing compared to what we could be doing. If it were up to me, we would have sent fleets of soldiers, doctors, engineers, and humanitarian workers four days ago. But I guess Trump is too busy threatening nuclear war with North Korea and attacking athletes who are peacefully protesting for racial justice.

In fact, according to White House sources, Trump isn’t going to submit an aid request to Congress until the second week of October. Dragging his feet on this will cost innocent lives, but he still has all the time in the world to tweet mean things about Colin Kaepernick and Stephen Curry.

This is a disgrace. Add your name today and tell the so-called president to immediately log off Twitter and get focused on helping the people of Puerto Rico and the surrounding islands.

When I joined the Army, I wanted to serve a country that tested its progress by how much it provides for those who have little. And right now, we’re not accomplishing that goal. Puerto Rico is a territory of the United States. They’re our community. Our family and friends.

Will you join me and take a stand today for the people of Puerto Rico? We can’t let Trump continue to the ignore the suffering of millions.

ACTION: Tell Trump Not to Abandon Puerto Rico. Sign here.

Thank you,

Perry O’Brien is a US Army veteran and a staff member of Common Defense

Trump to Puerto Rico’s Homeless:
Go Online; Rent a Room

Gar Smith /Environmentalists Against War

(September 27, 2017) — Donald Trump’s been accused of ignoring the plight of people in Puerto Rico and the US Virgin Islands but today’s White House “1600 Daily” (The White House ) informs us that “Donald J. Trump received two briefings on hurricane recovery efforts in Puerto Rico.”

The president is quoted thusly:
“Over the last several weeks our Nation has been tested by the destructive force of Mother Nature, but we will respond to it with an even mightier force: the resolve of the American spirit.”

The White House announcement concludes with this advice:
“Those who have been affected can apply for assistance through FEMA here.

Apparently Trump wasn’t briefed that there is no power or Internet connections in these devastated neighborhoods.

For the few who might be able to connect to FEMA’s services, the webpage asks them to fill out a form in order to determine if they are eligible for relief services.

And, in the meantime? The FEMA webpage informs the homeless refugees to look for shelter via Airbnb!

“To find your closest hospital, use the US Hospital Finder. You may also be able to find temporary lodging on the Airbnb website through their Disaster Response Program; available for a limited time only.”

ACTION ALERT: Help our Fellow Americans in
Puerto Rico Recover from Hurricane Maria


Petition: Tell Donald Trump and the US Congress to aid our fellow Americans in Puerto Rico immediately, including rapid, just, and comprehensive relief and recovery legislation.

(September 27, 2017) — President Donald Trump, Majority Leader Paul Ryan, and Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell are failing to act to help the people of Puerto Rico survive and rebuild from the devastation of the fossil-fueled Hurricane Maria.

The 3.4 million American citizens of Puerto Rico have no representation in Congress — they need all of us to demand action from our elected leaders.

We’ve asked our members living in Puerto Rico to share their experience — Elia Cadilla wrote back the following message a few days ago and asked us to share it with you.

I am in Puerto Rico. Going through Maria was a horrible experience, but the aftermath is even worse. Bridges have collapsed or are close to doing so, apartments exploded, rivers merged with hurricane tides and covered large areas, houses included. No power anywhere: downed trees, lampposts, power lines. I already know of people who lost ALL they had.

But neighbors are out, helping other neighbors; yesterday a crew of young people cleared our street and 2 neighboring ones from all the debris that blocked it. My son is right now taking drinking water to a friend, several miles away, who hasn’t had water or power since Irma.

A neighbor cooked with a little portable stove yesterday and shared it with other neighbors. Some very small areas have running water: a weak and somewhat turbid flow, but a blessing just the same.

We will not know the extent of the damages for quite some time. How many dead, homeless, jobless people are now, perhaps we won’t be able to ascertain for quite some time. The state and municipal governments are very active in their efforts to help and save lives and property, but this is a task beyond present resources.

Why do so many people have to pay so much for electricity while municipal stadiums and churches get subsidies and some people pay only nominal fees? This must be revised. Why do we depend so much on fossil fuels when there are other alternatives?

We also worry because we were the center of help for Caribbean hurricane victims; we are still helping those who are here as refugees and, knowing our nature, will continue to help them as best we can, sharing whatever resources we have left.

I directed an environmental education campaign for several years. It’s rather heartbreaking to see that the consequences of global warming, etc., I talked about in conferences are happening. That is one thing I wouldn’t have liked to be accurate about.

Unfortunately it is what we call “crònica de una muerte anunciada”, which translates to “chronicle of a death foretold.”

Whoever can help, please do so.

ACTION: Add your name: Tell Donald Trump and the US Congress to aid our fellow Americans in Puerto Rico immediately, including rapid, just, and comprehensive relief and recovery legislation.