Afghans Protest the Continued Occupation of their Country by the US

October 10th, 2017 - by admin

The Solidarity Party of Afghanistan – 2017-10-10 00:56:07

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Afghans Protest the Continued
Occupation of their Country by the US

The Solidarity Party of Afghanistan

گردهمایی اعتراضی «حزب همبستگی» به مناسبت سالروز اشغال افغانستان

KABUL (October 6, 2017) — Today a group to SPA (Solidarity Party of Afghanistan) members and supporters gather to express their protest on the eve of 16th year of occupation of Afghanistan by US and NATO. They were carrying the banner, “In Presence of US, NATO and Their Minions, There Will Be No Peace and Prosperity in Afghanistan!”

They were also carrying the placards with victims of US and NATO forces air strikes and texts such as “No to Occupation!”, “No to US Military Bases in Afghanistan!”, “No to US & NATO Forces in Afghanistan!”, “US/NATO Massacre: A Challenge to the World’s Conscience!”, “US Military Bases = Bloodshed in Afghanistan!”, “Afghan Women’s Emancipation: Struggle Against Occupation and Fundamentalism!”

Then Selay Ghaffar, spokesperson of SPA, said:
“With the occupation of our homeland, the hardships and agony of our people have multiplied:

* Our villages are targeted daily in airstrikes conducted by the bloodthirsty US and NATO, with most victims being women and children;

* The rural population is crushed between the Taliban, ISIS and pro-government militias, and the bodies of city dwellers are torn to shreds in suicide attacks and bombings by the Taliban and ISIS swine;

* The occupation has turned warlord weasels into installed-in-power rabid hyenas, and in the most recent development, the “butcher of Kabul” — Gulbuddin Hekmatyar — has been obscenely welcomed and installed beside his fellow murderers;

* Sectarian divisions, whose prime victims are our innocent compatriots, are systematically fanned;

* Our homeland has been turned into a hotbed of war and regional and world power rivalries, and threatened by mortal dangers;

* The criminal regimes of Iran and Pakistan have been given a free hand in Afghanistan, turning our homeland into their intelligence agencies’ spy hubs;
* Drug production and trafficking constitutes the basis of our economy, with three million addicts as its sinister outcome;
* Our hapless women burn in the resulting inferno, and corruption and treachery so embedded in the warp and weft of the puppet regime that purging it would take decades of backbreaking work;
* And this list of occupation-bestowed infamy continues ad nauseum.”

At the end of the event, the Theater Group of SPA showed a performance depicting the harsh realities of Afghanistan under the claws of occupiers and their minions.

Video of the SPA Protest (With English Subtitles)

See Photos of the SPA Protest here.

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