ACTION ALERT: Tell South Africa to Stop the War on Rhinos

October 21st, 2017 - by admin

The African Wildlife Foundation – 2017-10-21 14:48:27

ACTION ALERT: Tell South Africa to Stop the War on Rhinos

The Rhino War.

South Africa’s legalization of rhino horn trade undermines our progress.
Tell China to stand its ground and ban the rhino horn trade!

The African Wildlife Foundation

(October 19, 2017) — South Africa recently decided to legalize domestic rhino horn trade, posing a serious threat to our efforts with China to curb it. This will have one horrific outcome everywhere: Spur the demand.It’s up to us to stop it.

Please sign our petition today to tell China to stand its ground for rhinos! If we don’t act now, the white and black rhino will share the same bleak future as their extinct cousin: the western black rhino.

We’ve seen considerable progress for the rhino’s future ever since China’s domestic rhino horn ban was issued in 1993. As one of the world’s largest markets for rhino horn production — now and in the past — China’s stance matters.

But this past February, the South Africa Department of Environmental Affairs issued a statement to, in a nutshell, relax regulations for the export of rhino horns. Then – if that wasn’t enough – in April, the country’s highest court reversed a 2009 nationwide moratorium on domestic rhino horn trade.

Simply put, this will significantly spur the demand of rhino horn.

ACTION: Join us by sending a message to Mr. Li Chunliang, Director, CITES Management Authority of China, and tell him China must stand its ground to save rhinos!
Send a message right now.

Subject Tell China to step up for rhinos!

Dear Mr. Li Chunking,

I am writing to declare my support for the People’s Republic of China in its efforts to conserve rhinos, and to request the Government of China issue a public statement confirming its existing domestic rhino horn trade ban and its policy to prohibit rhino horn imports.

It has come to my attention the Government of South Africa decided to allow domestic rhino horn sales, which poses a direct threat to China’s efforts to enforce its own rhino horn trade ban and reduce the demand for and trafficking in rhino horn.

As a member of the African Wildlife Foundation’s community of wildlife activists, it deeply troubles me to think these majestic creatures are being attacked so brutally.

China’s domestic rhino horn ban resulted in a significant reduction in demand for and trafficking in rhino horn, through increased enforcement. The legalization of rhino horn trade in South Africa seriously undermines these positive efforts.

Therefore, I strongly encourage the Government of China to publish a clear statement confirming all imports of rhino horn and products into China, and all trade in rhino products within China, are prohibited, including rhino horn imported for non-commercial purposes.

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