ACTION ALERT: With Another Massive Spill in the Gulf of Mexico It’s Time to Pass the OFF Act and Move Beyond Oil

October 24th, 2017 - by admin

Hon. Tulsi Gabbard / US House of Representatives & Alexandra Jacobo / Nation of Change – 2017-10-24 22:30:45

Latest oil spill in Gulf of Mexico is the biggest since Deepwater Horizon

ACTION ALERT: Another Massive Pipeline Spill in the Gulf of Mexico
Hon. Tulsi Gabbard / US House of Representatives

HAWAI’I (October 24, 2017) — A pipeline spilled at least 672,000 gallons of oil into the Gulf of Mexico, and almost no one in Washington wants to talk about it. It’s the worst environmental disaster in the Gulf of Mexico since Deepwater Horizon.

While Scott Pruitt’s EPA clears the way for coal, oil, and other fossil fuel projects across the country, our environment is at a tipping point. With each new day and new disaster that passes while we fail to act, the wellbeing and future of our planet grow more and more dim.

This oil spill should set off alarm bells across the EPA. Instead, Scott Pruitt is trying to clear approval for a mining company to excavate an area the size of the Grand Canyon in Bristol Bay, Alaska, the world’s largest spawning ground for sockeye salmon. The Trump administration just doesn’t care about maintaining these economic and environmental engines to our way of life.

Despite the terrible decisions and negative consequences that have arisen from Trump and Pruitt’s environmental policy, we must continue to fight for our planet and our future. The OFF Act is the kind of landmark legislation that can remake our entire economy with millions of new jobs and a brand-new, clean energy infrastructure. This must be a top priority.

We can make clean water, clean air, and clean land a reality for every single person in the United States within our lifetimes, if we choose to act now.

Mahalo for joining me in taking this bold action. We can make a positive change in the world if we work together.

The OFF Act is the boldest climate
legislation ever introduced in Congress

The Off Fossil Fuels for a Better Future Act (H.R. 3671) ends the tax giveaways to the fossil fuel industry and provides training and support to workers transitioning from a fossil fuel to clean energy economy.
It pledges a goal of 100% renewable energy by 2035, with an interim benchmark of 80% renewables by 2027. Add your name and be a citizen co-sponsor.

ACTION: Sign your name as a citizen co-sponsor of the OFF Act. Following this oil spill, it’s even more important that we achieve 100% renewable energy by 2035.

Biggest Oil Spill Since Deepwater Horizon
Is Twice as Bad as We Thought

The flow has been contained, but no cause
for the ruptured pipe has been determined

Alexandra Jacobo / Nation of Change

(October 23, 2017) — The recent oil spill off the coast of Louisiana has spilled nearly twice as much oil as was originally estimated.

LLOG Exploration Company, LLC, which owns the fracture pipeline that spilled into the Gulf of Mexico last week, initially estimated that about 340,000 gallons of oil was spilled. Now the Coast Guard is announcing that the number is actually 672,000 gallons.

Even before the updated estimate, this new spill was the biggest since the BP Deepwater Horizon disaster in 2010, which spilled 210 million gallons of crude oil.

There are still no reports of injuries or shoreline impacts and cleanup is already underway. The flow has been contained, but no cause for the ruptured pipe has been determined.

According to the Coast Guard, because the pipeline is 5000 feet underwater, the oil is likely “broken down into small particles and disperse(d) into deep-water currents prior to reaching the surface.”

They caution skimming vessels from Clean Gulf Associates and the Marine Sill Response Corporation to “remain on standby” but say “multiple daily flights” over the area have not detected any recoverable oil.

A five-member panel of inspectors, engineers and accident investigators has been called to investigate the cause of the accident.

Latest Oil Spill in Gulf of Mexico
Is the Biggest Since Deepwater Horizon

The largest oil spill in seven years, has released nearly
400,000 gallons of crude oil into the Gulf of Mexico

Alexandra Jacobo / Nation of Change

(October 18, 2017) — A leak last week in the Delta House floating production facility has resulted in nearly 400,000 gallons of crude oil being released into the waters off Louisiana.

The pipe, owned by offshore oil and gas operator LLOG Exploration Company, sprung a leak last Wednesday. The Bureau of Safety and Environmental Enforcement (BSEE) has now called for a five-member panel to investigate the cause. Current theories are that it was caused by a fractured flowline jumper.

LLOG Exploration has reported that between 7,950 and 9,350 barrels of oil were released from a subsea infrastructure 40 miles southeast of Venice, Louisiana.

The spill, which is still only a fraction of that of the Deepwater Horizon catastrophe that spilled 100 million gallons of crude, is the largest oil spill in seven years.

Hopefully, there is some good news. According to Louisiana State University environmental science professor Edward Overton, “Way offshore, the oil had time to dissipate before it could cause lots of damage.”

The leak has been contained, and a cleanup operation is underway. More information on the spill’s effects on the ecosystem will be available as the panel conducts its investigation.

BSEE’s Gulf of Mexico Region Direction, Lars Herbst, released the following statement:

“BSEE places great emphasis on making certain all oil and gas operations on America’s Outer Continental Shelf are safe. This panel investigation is a critical step in ensuring BSEE determines the cause, or causes, of the incident and develops recommendations to prevent similar events from occurring in the future.”

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