ACTION ALERT: 1000 Days of War: Stop the Humanitarian Disaster in Yemen

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ACTION ALERT: Stop the Human Rights Disaster in Yemen
Petition: Win Without War

Yemen is facing a massive humanitarian catastrophe and we need your help to stop it. American aid is crucial to the Saudi war effort, and removing our assistance would limit Saudi attacks and may be even push them to the negotiating table. Email your Representative now and ask them to support House Resolution 81, the Khanna Pocan resolution to stop US military action in the Saudi-led war in Yemen.
ACTION: Tell Congress: Stop fueling war in YemenClick here.

ACTION ALERT: 1000 Days of War
Stop the Humanitarian Disaster in Yemen

Kate Kizer / Win Without War

(December 13, 2017) — December 20, 2017 marks 1000 days of Saudi Arabia’s intervention into Yemen’s civil war. Thanks to this disastrous war — that is waged with the support of the United States, United Kingdom, and France — millions of Yemeni civilians are on the brink the largest famine the world has seen in decades and millions more face outbreaks of preventable diseases like cholera and diphtheria, and continued indiscriminate violence. This crisis is man-made and can be solved with the right political will.

I write to invite you to add your name to a public statement on the need to end the war in Yemen and find a political solution to this man-made disaster. Will you join a global coalition of leaders — from civil society and business to the arts, academic, policy, and faith communities — in signing an open statement to call on President Trump, Prime Minister May and President Macron, to act to prevent further catastrophe in Yemen?

The full text of the statement is below. The deadline for sign-on is this Friday, December 15. The statement will be released to the media, shared with the target heads of state, and promoted via a social media campaign — #YemenCantWait –beginning December 18.

ACTION: To sign on reply to with your name, and your job title / organization (for affiliation only).

Yemen faces a tipping point unless global leaders act now. The UK, US and France — as major weapons suppliers to Saudi Arabia and the UAE, and permanent members of the UN Security Council — have the power to push their allies in the Middle East to stop the bombs, lift the blockade, and come back to the negotiating table. However, an overwhelming global outcry is needed to ensure they prioritise the crisis in Yemen enough to take the action needed at the UN Security Council.

We hope you can join us!

Kate Kizer is the Policy Director at Win Without War

ACTION ALERT: After 1000 Days of War, Yemen Can’t Wait
A global call to President Trump,
Prime Minister May, and President Macron

December 2017 marks 1000 days of a war that has turned the Middle East’s poorest country into the world’s largest humanitarian crisis, leaving Yemen ravaged by preventable diseases and on the verge of a historic famine. Every ten minutes, a child dies from hunger or disease. Three-quarters of the population — 22 million people — need humanitarian assistance to survive.

All parties to the conflict have repeatedly carried out deplorable violations against civilians, with almost complete impunity. The recent blockade imposed by the coalition led by Saudi Arabia and the United Arab Emirates has made an already catastrophic situation worse.

It has barred delivery of life-saving food, medicines and fuel, leading to hospitals shutting down, and whole cities without clean water or working sanitation. The increased violence in Sana’a, and the killing of former President Saleh risks further increasing the threat to Yemen’s civilians.

The international community has failed to take the action needed to end this man-made catastrophe. Millions of Yemeni women, men and children feel abandoned by global leaders who seem to put profit and politics above human lives. Throughout 1000 days since the conflict escalated, quiet diplomacy has failed to curb violation after violation by the warring parties.

The US, UK, and France, as permanent members of the UN Security Council and major weapons suppliers to Saudi Arabia and the United Arab Emirates, bear a special responsibility to use the full extent of their leverage to press their partners in the region to end the crisis. Instead of stoking the flames of a war that is strangling an entire population and risks destabilising the entire region, they could be the brokers of peace.

We are at a tipping point. To prevent further catastrophe and famine, Yemen needs an immediate ceasefire; an end to all blockages on access for food, fuel and medical supplies; and investment in a new, inclusive peace process in which women, youth and diverse civil society meaningfully participate.

We call upon President Trump, Prime Minister May, and President Macron, to take urgent action at the UN Security Council to make this happen.

Our message to them is simple: if you don’t want the burden of the lives of thousands more Yemeni children on your hands, then the time to act is now. Yemen can’t wait any longer.

Win Without War Statement on
House Resolution Ending War in Yemen

Stephen Miles / Win Without War

(September 29, 2017) — Win Without War Director Stephen Miles released the following statement in response to the introduction of H. Con. Res. 81 calling for the end of the US role in the Saudi-led war in Yemen:

It’s long past time that the United States end its support for the Saudi-led war in Yemen, which has killed thousands, forced millions to flee their homes, resulted in the world’s worst cholera outbreak, and left 7 million people at risk of starvation. Because of this war, the UN has called Yemen “the largest humanitarian crisis in the world.”

So we are encouraged about the introduction of the bipartisan H. Con. Res 81 — sponsored by Reps. Ro Khanna, Mark Pocan, Thomas Massie, and Walter Jones — which would immediately halt the American role in this dreadful conflict.

With this resolution, the House of Representatives will finally debate and vote on a war that the Congress never authorized. Making matters worse, the US involvement in the war in Yemen has further fueled anti-American sentiment in the region, which has allowed terror groups like al-Qaeda in the Arabian Peninsula to grow their ranks.

The American people know that our involvement in this war is a grave mistake, and we will be working hard to bring their voices into the halls of Congress in the days and weeks ahead. Already more than 12,000 Win Without War members from every Congressional district have emailed their Representatives to support H. Con. Res. 81 and we only expect their calls to grow louder.

The only question left is, having avoided even debating the issue for more than two years, if Congress will finally listen to these calls for peace.

ACTION: Tell Congress to speak out:
No war with North Korea

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