ACTION ALERT: Federal Court Invalidates Trump’s Call to Allow Trophy Hunting

December 23rd, 2017 - by admin

Endangered Species Coalition & The Humane Society & Care2 Petitions – 2017-12-23 00:49:56

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Federal Court Invalidates the US
Fish and Wildlife Service’s Decision to Allow Hunting Trophies

Mitch Merry / Endangered Species Coalition

(December 22, 20107) — The US Court of Appeals for the D.C. Circuit ruled today that the US Fish & Wildlife Service (USFWS) did not follow the law in its recently-announced decision to allow the importation of elephant and lion “trophies” from Zimbabwe Zambia.

This is a very positive development that invalidates the USFWS’s decision to allow these imports and will likely require that they follow the rule-making process and accept public comments if they decide to move ahead with this attempt to encourage trophy hunting.

We will provide a way to make your public comment if the USFWS again pursues this misguided policy, but you can help today by sharing the petition to Secretary Zinke [See link below.] with five friends asking them to oppose the importation of trophies from elephants. Thank you for taking action for elephants.

Mitch Merry is the Digital Director of the Endangered Species Coalition.

Federal Court of Appeals Order Invalidates Decision to
Allow Zimbabwe and Zambia Elephant and Lion Trophy Imports

Thaisi Da Silva / The Humane Society

(December 22, 2017) — Today the US Court of Appeals for the DC Circuit upheld the conservation mandate of the Endangered Species Act, supporting the need to rigorously analyze applications to import hunting trophies of species threatened with extinction.

This federal court order, coming only weeks after President Trump tweeted that he was reconsidering the agency’s decision to allow imports of elephant and lion trophies from Zimbabwe and Zambia, means that those recent decisions by the agency are invalid.

Anna Frostic, managing attorney for wildlife litigation for The Humane Society of the United States, said, “The federal government must carefully consider the science demonstrating that trophy hunting negatively impacts the conservation of imperiled species.

We strongly urge the US Fish and Wildlife Service to take immediate action to rescind its unlawful decisions to liberalize elephant and lion trophy imports.”

The Court also held that the agency must take public comment on any blanket decisions to allow or prohibit trophy imports based on individual countries management plans.

Secretary Zinke: Do Not Allow
Trophy Hunters to Kill Zimbabwe’s Elephants

Petition by the Endangered Species Coalition

To be delivered to Ryan Zinke, Secretary of Interior

Your recent decision to reverse Obama-era bans on the importation of elephant parts from animals trophy-hunted in Zimbabwe and Zambia threatens the survival of these species. Please reconsider this misguided decision and maintain the ban.

ACTION ALERT: Tell the Military:
Stop Mutilating and Killing Animals

The Care2 Petitions Team

(December 21, 2017) — Did you know that the military is mutilating and killing more than 8,500 animals each year? It’s true and they are using your tax dollars to pay for it.

At US military bases all across the country, soldiers are forced to use live animals for trauma training exercises. Pigs and goats are shot, burned, stabbed or have their limbs broken in order to mimic wounds that could occur on the field.

This antiquated and barbaric program must end!

New advances in science mean that we no longer need to use live animals in order to mimic human battlefield injuries. In fact, the Department of Defense recommended ending the program almost a decade ago.

If passed, the BEST Practices Act would put an end this cruel program once and for all. It would ban the expensive and ineffective trauma drills on live animals while still ensuring that our military medics and others gain the skills they need to save lives on the battlefield.

ACTION: Sign the petition today and tell your representative you want them to support the BEST Practices Act.

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