Iceland Named the Most Peaceful Country in the World: US Places 114th

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Iceland Named #1 Most Peaceful Country in the World! Again!

Iceland Named #1 Most Peaceful Country in the World
For the 10th year in a row, Iceland
tops the Global Peace Index

(June 1, 2017) — The 2017 Global Peace Index was recently released, and to no one’s surprise, Iceland topped the list for the tenth year in a row. Each year, the Institute for Economics & Peace’s project, Vision of Humanity, releases the Global Peace Index to rank the most and least safe countries around the world.

Iceland scored low on homicides, terror acts and number of people in jail. The Global Peace Index also takes into account number of police or security personnel, presence of nuclear weapons and political instability when creating its annual list.

Norway Takes the Lead in Global Peace Efforts
Peace and Reconciliation Efforts to Be Stepped Up

Norwegian Government Press Release

(December 10, 2017) — ‘Norwegian engagement in peace and reconciliation work is more important than ever, and the Government is proposing to step up these efforts in 2018. At the same time, we intend to increase our support for implementation of the Colombian peace agreement,’ said Minister of Foreign Affairs Børge Brende.

Conflict resolution and contributions to reconciliation are key elements of Norwegian development policy. Norway is currently engaged in a number of initiatives and processes, for example in the Middle East, the Horn of Africa, Afghanistan and the Philippines. With the proposed increase of NOK 20 million, overall support for work in the field of peace, reconciliation and democracy will total NOK 436 million.

Norway has played a key role as facilitator for the peace agreement between the Colombian Government and the guerrilla group FARC-EP. Norway is also acting as facilitator in the ongoing negotiations between the Colombian Government and the ELN guerrilla group. The parties agreed on a temporary bilateral ceasefire in September this year.

‘In the time ahead, it will be essential to ensure that the peace agreement with Farc is implemented, that former Farc soldiers are reintegrated into Colombian society, and that an agreement is reached between the Colombian Government and the ELN. These will also be the main priorities of Norway’s efforts,’ said Mr Brende.

Norway has provided substantial financial support for the peace process in Colombia, and the Government is proposing to increase support for implementation of the peace agreement by NOK 50 million in 2018. According to the proposal, the funding will come from the regional allocation for Latin America.

The Safest Countries to Visit in 2017
According to the World Economic Forum’s
Travel and Tourism Competitiveness Report 2017

G. S. McCLure / Travel & Leisure

The Most Peaceful Countries

(May 22, 2017) — For many people, the world feels like a much more dangerous place now than it was a few decades ago. Information arrives more quickly, and through many more channels, and it’s hard to avoid noticing security alerts from so much of the world. But travel is hugely important for staying informed, understanding other people and other cultures and keeping fear at bay, and if there’s a middle ground — traveling while staying safe — we’re all for it.

In the World Economic Forum’s Travel & Tourism Competitiveness Report 2017, countries are ranked according to their safety and security. The criteria to measure a country’s safety includes a handful of indicators, the index of terrorism incidence being perhaps the most obvious. For this, they used third-party data that looked at how many terrorist incidents occurred between 2010 and 2012, and how many fatalities and injuries happened in this same period.

All countries with a score in the top 95th percentile tied as having the lowest incidence of terrorism. The report also looked at the cost of terrorism on businesses, as well as the cost of crime and violence on business. Other indicators included the reliability of police services and the homicide rate.

The good news is that “safe” and “secure” don’t mean boring. Below are the 10 top-ranked countries for safety and security, and what to do and see in each of them.

10. Qatar
Qatar is one of the top ranked countries in the Middle East, both in terms of safety and in the overall ranking. There is a wide variety to do here: wander through Souq Waqif, visit Sheikh Faisal’s private museum at Al Samriya or jump over to the the man-made island, Pearl-Qatar.

9. Rwanda
In ninth place is Rwanda. Although the country doesn’t score well in all indicators (the terrorism index and rate of homicide are not as low as most others on this list), police response is reliable (sixth place), the business cost of terrorism is low (ninth place) and so are the business costs of crime and violence (fifth place). It’s also home to some incredible natural wonders: tourists can visit a gorilla park on one side of the country and see giraffes and lions on the other.

8. Switzerland
Switzerland landed in eighth place for the safest city, and has also done well in the broader report, ranking as the 10th overall destination. Though their name is synonymous with neutrality, Switzerland offers anything but a bland experience. Ski the alps, bungee jump, or just stare at the grandeur of the Matterhorn.

7. Norway
In seventh place overall is Norway, with reliability of police ranking in fifth place and number of homicides ranking in 10th. For a nature-focused visit, see the famous fjords or take a trip along one of the 18 national tourist routes; for more of a cultural experience, sip on craft beers and take a walk on the roof of Oslo Opera House.

6. Singapore
Singapore comes out well-rounded in its safety scores: the cost of business crime and violence is quite low (seventh place), police reliability is high (fourth place) and the homicide rate is third lowest in the world. Visit museums, indulge in shopping, or wander alongside the colorful Peranakan houses.

5. Hong Kong
Hong Kong has one of the lowest incidences of terrorism in the world. The one thing to watch out for during your visit? Counterfeit currency is not uncommon, although the main inconvenience lies in the fact that merchants prefer to take bills under $HK500. Visit the Pak Tai Temple on Cheung Chau Island, or escape the throb of the city by lounging on Repulse Bay Beach.

4. Oman
Though Oman’s next-door-neighbor, Yemen, has suffered devastating conflict in the last few years, Oman is the fourth safest city in the world, and is tied with a few other countries on this list for having the lowest incidence of terrorism globally. Nature lovers should check out the sloping sand dunes and turquoise fjords; those in search of culture shouldn’t miss the markets in Nizwa or the fortresses.

3. Iceland
Iceland’s popularity with international travelers has boomed in the last several years, so knowing it’s also the third safest destination is only a bonus. Keep a lookout for the Aurora Borealis, soak in the Blue Lagoon or enjoy glaciers, waterfalls and whale-watching.

2. United Arab Emirates
The United Arab Emirates are on the up-and-up, having hosted 14.4 million international visitors in 2015. In addition to being the second safest destination in the world, with excellent dining and shopping, plus beaches in the Persian Gulf, they also have plenty of reasons for travelers to visit.

1. Finland
Finland dropped significantly — 11 places — since the last report, but as the safest country in the world it’s still got an edge. With tourist attractions including the Northern Lights, the Midnight Sun Film Festival in Sodankyla, Lapland (if the sun stays up all night, you might as well, too) and the distinguished honor of most saunas per capita, it’s a terrific place to spend a holiday.

The Least Peaceful Countries

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