ACTION ALERT: Divest from the War Machine — A Week of Resistance

February 5th, 2018 - by admin

CODEPINK / Divest from the War Machine – 2018-02-05 23:33:03

ACTION ALERT: Take A Stand Against War
— Resist at Home from February 5-11


The War Machine Divestment Campaign Explained

(February 2, 2018) — This Tuesday’s State of the Union address emphasized war, violence, and weapons. As we watch our country invest more of our money in weapons and war, we can take action and send a message to companies like Lockheed Martin that we will not invest in their acts of war.

Next week, the Divest from the War Machine is hosting a week of action, kicking off our campaign to divest financial institutions, cities, universities, and faith communities from war!

No matter where you are, you can join us and take action every day! Simply click here to join us. We will send you a quick social media action by email every day next week.

We face a Congress and Administration that are not interested in hearing the toll that war takes on human rights, the environment, healthcare, and women. But we can take back the power of the purse and throw a wrench in the war machine!

Our financial institutions need to know that we do not want our money going to fund the weapons of war. The power is in our hands to start a movement against the war machine!

Throughout the week, we’re going to put pressure on different investors who are funding Lockheed Martin’s acts of war at home and abroad, but we need your help!
Click here to join our social media stampede all week!

What Are We Doing?
CODEPINK and our friends are hosting actions around the country all week, and we’re also sending a message to Lockheed’s investorsthat they need to stop making a killing on killing. Sign up, and we’ll send you a two-minute action every day, and together we’re going to take a stand against war in places like Yemen, Afghanistan, and Palestine.

So join us next week and help us amplify the call to stop funding war! You can also join our Thunderclap on Saturday, February 10, and share this email to invite your friends to divest from war.

Towards a fantastic Week of Action,
Ann, Ariel, Brienne, Jodie, Katie, Kelly, Mark, Mary, Medea, Nancy, Natasha, Paki, Sarah, and Tighe

P.S. Do you want to start a local campaign in your area? You can! We have all the tools you need, and you can always email for support in starting a campaign.

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