Marking International Women’s Day with Action

March 8th, 2018 - by admin

Hon. Tulsi Gabbard / US House of Representatives & Medea Benjamin and Jodie Evans / CODEPINK – 2018-03-08 23:29:34

Marking International Women’s Day with Action
Hon. Tulsi Gabbard / US House of Representatives

(March 8, 2018) — Women make up half of the world’s population, but in 2018, we are still working to guarantee basic fairness and equality.

Days like today give us pause to remember those brave women who came before us, like Hawaii’s Congresswoman Patsy Mink, blazing trails and breaking down barriers for generations to come.

We also honor the courageous women of today, who are standing up and fighting for justice, equality, peace, and humanity all across this country and around the world. There has been progress, but it has been slow. There is still much to be done.

There are so many ways for each of us to take action in our own way, in our own lives, in our own communities to make positive change.

In Congress, we are working to ensure equal pay for equal work, fighting against discrimination in the workplace, ensuring equal access to housing, paid family leave, quality care for our veterans, Medicare for All, and so much more.

But in order to really bring about the kind of change we wish to see, we must each do our part to change the culture of our society to one where all people, regardless of gender, race, religion, or sexual orientation, are treated equally with respect, kindness, and aloha. And that begins with how we treat one another.

On this International Women’s Day, let us honor those who came before us, be inspired by their example, and take on the challenges that are before us with strong hearts full of aloha.

Aloha, Tulsi

Demand an Open Trial for Ahed Tamimi
Medea Benjamin and Jodie Evans / CODEPINK

(March 8, 2018) — Today is March 8, International Women’s Day, and we want to pay tribute to the Palestinian women struggling for freedom. This International Women’s Day, take a moment to honor the struggles of women and girls. We particularly want to lift up the case of 17-year-old Palestinian activist Ahed Tamimi.

After a video of Ahed confronting Israeli soldiers outside her house went viral, she was arrested in the middle of the night. Overnight, she became a hero for young women throughout the world. Israel wants her case to be forgotten so they have closed her trial to the public. No media, no diplomats, no human rights observers.

We recently visited Ahed’s home in the Palestinian village of Nabi Saleh. We met with Ahed’s father, aunts and cousins. We joined them in protests to free Ahed and all the Tamimi family members who are languishing in prison.

Watch the video of our recent visit to Palestine.

As mothers, our hearts go out to all the Palestinian mothers whose children are imprisoned by the Israeli government. Currently, over 300 Palestinian children are in Israeli prisons. Ahed is being held without bail. She is being tried in a military court with an over 99% conviction rate and faces up to 10 years in prison.

Please take a moment today to honor women’s struggles for justice by contacting the State Department. Tell them that they must demand Ahed’s trial be opened to the media and the public. We cannot allow Israel to silence Ahed’s case and her call for freedom.

ACTION:Help us call on the US State Department to demand that Ahed’s trial be opened, and that they send a US official to monitor the trial.

We began CODEPINK as a way to rise up again the forces of repression and war. We will not allow Ahed’s voice to be silenced. We will rise with her as she calls for freedom, dignity and equality.

Dear US State Department,

It is horrible that Israel has closed the courtroom for the military trial of 17-year-old Ahed Tamimi. They are trying to hide from the international community while they try a child in a military court with an over 99% conviction rate.

Seventeen-year-old Ahed Tamimi is facing up to 10 years in prison. Each year, Israel arrests and prosecutes around 700 Palestinian children in military court. Israel’s abuse of Palestinian children must stop.

We ask you to demand that Israel open the courtroom and that you send a representative of the US government to be present throughout Ahed Tamimi’s trial.

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Towards peace,
Medea and Jodie