ACTION ALERT: Stop Pompeo; Block Bolton; Disarm Trump’s War Cabinet

March 25th, 2018 - by admin

David Swanson / World Beyond War & Win Without War & Red to Blue CA – 2018-03-25 00:53:33

Statement of World BEYOND War Director on John Bolton Appointment

Statement on the Appointment of John Bolton
World Beyond War

“Imagining that Donald Trump can’t do something worse each day than the day before has been doomed to failure since long before John Bolton’s appointment,” said David Swanson, director of World BEYOND War.

“But this one is stunning. Trump just nominated an advocate of overthrows, religious wars, and strenuous avoidance of peace to head the State Department, and simultaneously found someone even worse, a sadistic torturer, to nominate for the top job at the CIA.

“How do you top that? With the appointment of an unrepentant Iraq war promoter who claims that attacking North Korea would be ‘legal’ as a national security advisor whose advice will make everyone in the nation and outside it less secure.

“At some point, one might begin to wonder whether even Nancy Pelosi’s anti-impeachment commitment to presidential impunity has limits.”

David Swanson is the director of World Beyond War.

Stop Pompeo; Block Bolton
Win Without War

(March 24, 2018) — Trump just named a disgraced warmonger as his National Security Advisor. John Bolton helped engineer the Iraq War, can’t wait to attack North Korea, and is obsessed with bombing Iran. And one thing just got really, really clear: Trump is building a war cabinet.

Even scarier: We can’t directly block Bolton. But — and this is a really big but — we can block Bolton’s war agenda by getting in the way of Trump’s other new war buddy, Secretary of State nominee Mike “Bomb Iran” Pompeo.

John Bolton can waltz right into his new gig, but Mike Pompeo needs to clear a Senate confirmation vote before he can take the reins of the State Department. That’s where we come in. Bolton’s shockwave appointment as National Security Advisor gives us an opening to convince senators that Pompeo is a five-alarm nominee for Secretary of State — but we’ve got to move fast.

Pompeo was already a terrifying war appointment, but Bolton seals the deal. With a Pompeo-Bolton double whammy in power, the Iran Deal could be a goner. And American bombers could be headed for North Korea.

If we don’t stop Pompeo, we could be looking at terrible wars with North Korea and Iran.

Let’s be clear: Mike Pompeo is a no-holds-barred, Islamophobic, climate change-denying, torture-loving, bomb-dropping, hardcore war hawk who never had any business being our nation’s top diplomat. Just as our movement for peace is showing real signs of progress — potential talks with North Korea, a stinging rebuke of American support for the war in Yemen, and a wholesale rejection of Trump’s attempted cuts at the State Department — a Pompeo-Bolton war cabinet might undo all of that.

But powerful people who should know better have been whispering he might not be that bad. And in the chaos of the Trump era, senators might be tempted to save their energy for the worstcabinet nominees. That’s why your senators need to hear loud and clear from their constituents: Pompeo is as bad as it gets.

ACTION: Urge the Senate to block Pompeo and shut down Bolton’s war agenda.
Tell your senators: With Bolton at Trump’s right hand, a vote for Pompeo is a vote for war. The only vote on Pompeo is no.

To: The United States Senate

Please vote no on war hawk Mike Pompeo. President Trump’s appointment of John Bolton as his National Security Advisor makes your upcoming vote on Mike Pompeo absolutely vital to the safety and security of our nation.

A vote for Pompeo will not only entrench an Islamophobic torturer and climate denier as our nation’s top diplomat, it will also enable and sanction John Bolton’s dangerous war agenda.

Please vote to oppose the confirmation of Mike Pompeo to Secretary of State to prevent our nation being dragged into terrible wars of choice in North Korea and Iran.

Thank you for working for peace,
Ben, Stephen, Kate, and the team at Win Without War

Win Without War is a project of the Center for International Policy.
2000 M Street NW, Suite 720, Washington, DC 20036
(202) 232-3317

‘The Whole World Should Be Concerned’
Red to Blue CA

(March 24, 2018) — Trump’s selection of Bush-era war hawk John Bolton as his new National Security Advisor is disturbing.

First Trump announced his plan to name a former torturer as the CIA Director. Now he wants our nation’s National Security Advisor to be a key architect of the war in Iraq — and a man who has been beating the drum for war against Iran AND North Korea!

We need you to be a voice for peace — not more war:

These are dangerous times. And Donald Trump is a TOTAL LUNATIC. So that means it’s critical that he’s surrounded by people are sane — not pushing us into a third world war!!

Add your name to tell Trump to REJECT Bolton as National Security Advisor and to stop a new march to war:

Let’s give peace a chance.