ACTION ALERT: Stop Trump from Letting Hunters Kill Bear Cubs and Wolf Pups in their Dens

June 1st, 2018 - by admin

Friends of the Earth & The Sierra Club – 2018-06-01 01:13:30

ACTION ALERT: Stop Trump from Letting Hunters Kill Bear Cubs and Wolf Pups in their Dens
Friends of the Earth & The Sierra Club

ACTION ALERT: Stop Trump from Letting Hunters
Kill Bear Cubs and Wolf Pups in Their Dens

Friends of the Earth

(May 25, 2018) — The Trump administration just proposed allowing hunters to kill bear cubs and wolf pups in their dens.

If this proposal goes through, it would put rare wildlife at risk of inhumane treatment in national preserves in Alaska. It would greenlight practices like hunting bears with dogs and shooting caribou from moving boats. The Department of the Interior is accepting comments on this plan. So we need you to speak up now!

Since taking office, Trump has done everything he can to strip away protections for our public lands.

First, he shrank Bears Ears and Grand Staircase-Escalante National Monuments. Then, he tried to open the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge to oil and gas drilling. And now, he’s going even further to endanger the wildlife that depends on these places.

In short, Trump doesn’t want to protect our public lands for future generations. Instead, he wants to allow special interests to exploit them.

Together, we can stop Trump from destroying our last remaining wild places. Friends of the Earth members like you have sent hundreds of thousands of comments to the Department of the Interior opposing attacks on our public lands.

And it’s working — the agency walked back a proposed increase of fees to visit favorite National Parks. And your comments saved Colorado’s Canyons of the Ancients, Idaho’s Craters of the Moon, and Washington’s Hanford Reach.

This shows that when we speak up, we can convince even the Trump administration to do the right thing. Now, we need your help to do it again.

ACTION: Take action now: Don’t let the Trump administration greenlight killing hibernating bear cubs! Tell the Department of the Interior: Don’t let trophy hunters kill bear cubs and wolf pups in their dens on our national preserves! Help send 50,000 comments to the Department of the Interior opposing Trump’s efforts to harm wildlife!

To whom it may concern,

I oppose the recent proposal to roll back the 2015 rule barring shooting bear cubs and wolf pups in their dens, hunting bears with dogs, and shooting caribou from moving boats, among other extreme hunting practices in Alaska.

This rule would threaten important wildlife in one of our national preserves. It undermines efforts to protect our wild places for future generations.

Please reject the current proposal and any future efforts to roll back protections for wildlife on our public lands.

Standing with you,
Nicole Ghio,
Senior fossil fuels program manager, Friends of the Earth.

BREAKING: Wyoming Game and Fish Commission
OKs State’s First Grizzly Hunt in Over 40 Years

Bonnie Rice / Sierra Club

SAN FRANCISCO (May 29, 2018) — Our hearts are breaking at the news the Wyoming Game and Fish Commission JUST approved a horrific grizzly hunt — the first in the Yellowstone region in more than four decades. We need your help right now to stop it.

The planned hunt would allow trophy hunters to kill as many as 22 bears and as many as 13 females. It’s heartbreaking to think about these majestic bears, still on the road to recovery, brutally killed to line hunters’ trophy walls. It’s inconceivable, and inhumane.

Grizzly bears are revered in the Yellowstone area and across the country. And because it takes a female grizzly 10 years to replace herself in the population, we can’t afford to lose even one to a cold-blooded trophy kill.

We’re mobilizing to save our grizzlies on multiple fronts, Gar: we’re taking Secretary Zinke’s Department of Interior to court to re-list grizzlies as an endangered species, reaching out to allies on Capitol Hill and mobilizing the grassroots to call WY Governor Matt Mead to stop this heinous hunt. But we can’t do it all without your help right now.

For those of us who have spent the last 40 years promoting safety and coexistence between grizzlies and people, the idea that even one of these iconic animals could be killed for sport — much less almost two dozen — is inconceivable.

Grizzlies have only been off the Endangered Species List for less than a year. They’re the second-slowest reproducing mammal in North America. Giving people license to hunt and kill grizzlies just for a trophy could imperil their survival once again — while hurting local communities whose economies depend on the ecotourism that grizzlies attract.

We’re not the only ones who believe Wyoming’s trophy hunt is both ethically and biologically ill-conceived: More than 200 tribal nationshave spoken out against the hunt, as have wildlife photographers and scientists, and over 185,000 grizzly supporters across the nation. And more than 650,000 public comments were submitted in response to removing grizzlies from federal protection.

Gar, we’re doing everything we can to save our grizzlies before trophy hunters drive them back to the brink of extinction. But we need your help. Support our advocacy and grassroots efforts with your emergency monthly gift of $5 or more now.

Thank you for standing with the Sierra Club again today to oppose Wyoming’s cruel and potentially catastrophic grizzly hunt. We simply couldn’t protect these beautiful, still-recovering bears without your support.

With determination,
Bonnie Rice
Greater Yellowstone/Northern Rockies Senior Campaign Representative
Sierra Club.

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