ACTION ALERT: Tell Trump: No Drilling in the Great Lakes; No Mining in Yellowstone Park

June 20th, 2018 - by admin

Hon. Debbie Stabenow / US Senate & Josh Nelson / CREDO Action – 2018-06-20 22:59:52

Tell Trump and GOP: No Drilling in the Great Lakes

Hon. Debbie Stabenow / US Senate

(June 20,2018) — Under President Trump, the Great Lakes have been under attack like never before. He’s repeatedly tried to eliminate critical Great Lakes funding.

Today, in a new executive order he’s trying to dismantle protections and possibly open up the Great Lakes to drilling.

Here’s something I’m proud of: the very first bill I passed into law was a ban on oil and gas drilling in our lakes.

So, If President Trump, or anyone, thinks they will be able to just drill in our Great Lakes without a fight, they’ve got another thing coming.

I’ve lived in Michigan my whole life and I understand that the Great Lakes are a part of our DNA.

Our Michigan way of life is worth fighting for. If President Trump thinks he can just open the door to drilling in the Great Lakes with the stroke of a pen, he’s dead wrong.

ACTION: Join me in standing up against drilling in our Great Lakes. Let’s show Donald Trump that, in Michigan, we fight for what we believe in! Add your name right now and help me tell President Trump, no drilling in our Great Lakes!”>

Debbie Stabenow
United States Senator

Tell the Trump Administration: No Mining at Yellowstone

Josh Nelson / CREDO Action from Working Assets

The petition to Secretary of the Interior Ryan Zinke:
“Do not allow mining in or around Yellowstone National Park.”

(June 20, 2018) — Yellowstone National Park is facing one of its biggest threats since it was established nearly 150 years ago. Right now, Secretary of the Interior Ryan Zinke is considering whether to open up more than 30,000 acres of public lands at the northern gateway of America’s oldest and most iconic national park to aggressive gold, silver and other mineral extraction. (1)

If Zinke refuses to ban mining by companies looking to exploit Yellowstone’s natural resources, it could spell disaster for the environment and tourism and destroy one of our country’s most precious landmarks.

A decision by Zinke is expected this fall but could come any day now. We must urge him to ban mining in and around Yellowstone immediately. (2)

Mining operations in Paradise Valley, the region just north of Yellowstone, would be an economic and environmental disaster. The national park is a major driver of the local tourist economy, and this proposed drilling and mining plan would produce massive amounts of pollution and could destroy the “wild areas populated by grizzly bears, bighorn sheep and other wildlife and harm streams that drain into the Yellowstone River, a popular trout fishing destination that draws anglers from around the world.”

In 2016, President Obama’s then-Secretary of the Interior Sally Jewell announced a two-year moratorium on mining in the region to allow for the federal government to conduct an environmental assessment to determine if the agency should propose a longer ban, adding that “Yellowstone is more valuable than gold.”

After the assessment and huge public outcry, the Forest Service recently recommended a 20-year ban on mining in the region — the maximum allowed without congressional action — that will give Congress time to pass a permanent ban on Yellowstone mining. (4) But this recommendation hinges on Sec. Zinke’s final approval.

This is a fight that we can win. Zinke suggested that he supports a ban on mining in this region, both as a congressman and administration official, but he has yet to act. We must ramp up public pressure before Zinke reverses course and urge him to ban mining at Yellowstone.

ACTION: Tell Sec. Zinke: No mining at Yellowstone National Park. Click this link to sign the petition.

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