ACTION ALERT: Say NO to Trump’s Pro-polluter Environmental Rollbacks

August 18th, 2018 - by admin

Democratic Climate Action & Emily Holden / Politico – 2018-08-18 01:14:49

ACTION ALERT: Sign the Petition:
Say NO to Trump’s Environmental Rollbacks

Democratic Climate Action

“The Trump administration is preparing to unveil
its plan for undoing Barack Obama’s most ambitious climate regulation”

— Politico

(August 16, 2018) — Trump’s official climate plan reinforces what we’ve known about the president all along: He is anti-environment to the core. We need concerned Americans to step up NOW and make their voices heard on Trump’s destructive agenda:

Trump is giving GOP-controlled states a prime opportunity to strike a fatal blow to climate action policies on their own turf. Republicans could impose a whole range of extreme, anti-environment actions with absolutely no check from the federal government. That means already dangerous weather could get even more dangerous, high temperatures could rise even higher and the costs to respond to catastrophes could get even costlier.

This is a CODE RED. Politico scored an exclusive look at Trump’s proposal to reverse President Obama’s signature climate policy, and it’s worse than we ever imagined.

According to the unpublished draft, Trump’s new climate rulebook will dismantle Obama’s limitations on greenhouse gas emissions, allow for more pollution into the air that we breathe and accelerate dangerous climate change. How? By allowing red states to pass their own laws giving some of the biggest polluters a free pass.

ACTION: Just one minute of your time could help protect our environment for decades and generations. DENOUNCE TRUMP — Sign on to protect the environment and defend climate action!

Exclusive: Draft Details Trump’s Plan
For Reversing Obama Climate Rule

Trump’s EPA easing the planned limits on the pollution
from power generators driving climate change

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