2018 Planet Candidates: More than 150 Congressional Candidates Pledge to Vote for the Earth!

September 24th, 2018 - by admin

Food & Water Action,, Sunrise Movement, Climate Hawks, et al. – 2018-09-24 20:26:48


2018 Planet Candidates: Vote for Earth!
Food & Water Action et al.

(September 24, 2018) — Over 150 Congressional Candidates have taken an historic pro-planet stance in the 2018 midterms, pledging to outlaw pollution to achieve the Paris Accord as global climate rages.

To mobilize Earth voters, Food & Water Action, 350NYC, Sunrise Movement, Climate Hawkes Vote, and initiatives like Climate Action Mondays, and Time to Vote on Climate by The Years of Living Dangerously, are stirring our planetary passion.

To give voters a clear choice, climate leaders have made a novel demand: to outlaw pollution, categorically. Not regulate or trade it. Ban it. And that’s the game-changer. A new litmus-test for a political showdown.

“In 2018, with climate disaster happening in live feed, you either support a mandate for 100% renewables to outlaw pollution, or you’re denying the science,” said Todd Fernandez, of Climate Action Mondays, NYC. “Time has run out for half-measures.”

Legislation underpins the 2018 demand, The OFF Fossil Fuels Act, mandating 100% clean electricity nationwide, zero emission cars, and a just transition, creating millions of local, American union jobs by 2035.

The No Fossil Fuel Money Pledge completes the new enviro litmus test, with 114 federal candidates — over 700 local and state — rejecting pollution-fuel campaign bribes, severing the power of Big Oil over Congress.

In 2018 lingo, it’s the “Green New Deal” — and its widespread with 77 candidates supporting The OFF Act in 25 states, from Tennessee to Texas, Florida to Wisconsin, Louisiana to Illinois, North Carolina to California.

Leading the field, New York has 19 OFF Act supporters, with challengers Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez (NY-14), Liuba Gretchen Shirley (NY-02), Steven Greenfield (NY-19) and Perry Gershon (NY-01), along with 15 incumbent co-sponsors, Representatives Suozzi, Rice, Meeks, Meng, Velazquez, Jeffries, Clarke, Nadler, Carolyn Maloney, Espaillat, Serrano, Engel, Lowey, Sean Maloney, and Higgins.

Among the 158 planet candidates listed below, two Republicans join 136 Democrats and 20 Third Party, with 46 incumbents. Thirty-four leaders support both demands, listed in green as “Climate Champions” — because history will see them as such.

The Green New Deal & Quiet Streets!
It’s called the Green New Deal, like the 1930’s New Deal, because it will literally propel America into the future with community rebirth and innovation as trillions of dollars shift from pollution profits to new clean energy jobs that can’t be outsourced.

The OFF Fossil Fuels Act also means quieter city streets, free from child-poisoning exhaust. Protection of indigenous lands from pipelines. Hands-on support for displaced workers and redevelopment plans for coal communities.

Because action at Congressional scale is vital to meeting the Paris Accord targets, but absent, unions like the American Nurses United and the AFL-CIO, the Global Climate Summit, and nations and businesses everywhere are demanding exponential action.

We must rise faster and louder, because we are passing pollution levels for 1.5°C warming right now, and the pollution we emit the next 20 years will lock in over 2°C, sealing our fate for centuries. It’s time to choose: for Big Oil, or for the Planet?

Today we need everyone to spread the word. Organizations that are 501c3s can educate and GOTV: groups that are 501c4 can go all in. Religious groups can rally spirit! And everyone can post a meme (at least one!).

Let’s all make some noise to inspire the vote. Join us in applauding the brave leadership of the 2018 planet candidates. And join the climate fight at Climate Action Mondays.

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