ACTION ALERT: Don’t Iraq Iran — Is the Media Going to Lie for Trump?

September 26th, 2018 - by admin

CODEPINK – 2018-09-26 01:29:10

ACTION ALERT: Don’t Iraq Iran
Is the media going to side with Trump?


Donald Trump appeared at the United Nations to build a case for the US to go to war with Iran. Sign our letter to the New York Times and Washington Post asking them not to be complicit in laying the groundwork for war with Iran — like they were in the case of Iraq. Tell them to debunk Trump’s lies and distortions, and to promote diplomacy.

(September 25, 2018) — Today President Trump addressed the United Nations General Assembly. He praised Saudi Arabia, doubled down on his decision to move the US embassy to Jerusalem and went on the attack against Iran. Tomorrow we expect it to get even worse when he chairs the United Nations Security Council. We expect he will continue to lambast Iran, using the same rhetoric that may well lead to war.

What we need now is an educated public who will stand up the to absurd claims by the Trump administration that Iran poses a threat to the United States.

In the lead-up to the war in Iraq 15 years ago, the press failed us by spreading President Bush’s lies about Iraq possessing weapons of mass destruction. Are they going to do it again with Iran? Add your name to our letter to the New York Times and Washington Post demanding they debunk Trump as he beats the drums of war.

We see what is happening. Trump is trying to take us into war. He tore up the Iran deal, despite the fact that Iran was adhering to it and despite the wishes of the other countries that were signatories to it. Now he is imposing draconian sanctions that are hurting the Iranian people.

ACTION: Join us in appealing to the NY Times and Washington Post, as leaders of the US media: Urge them to report accurately that Iran is not a threat to the US, that it was wrong for Trump to leave the nuclear deal and that we need diplomacy, not war. Don’t let Trump do in Iran what Bush did in Iraq.

Dear Editorial Board,

President Trump gave an inflammatory speech this morning at the United Nations General Assembly calling for member states to isolate and punish Iran, after accusing Iran of sponsoring terrorists and exacerbating tensions in the region.

We urge you as respected journalists to hold the Trump administration accountable for this rhetoric, for pulling out of the Iran nuclear deal, for violating the diplomatic efforts of our European allies, and for making life miserable for ordinary Iranians through draconian sanctions.

We do not want another war in the Middle East. The media must not be complicit in selling a war with Iran the way it did with Iraq 15 years ago. You have the power to tell Americans the truth by providing them with facts. We ask that you do not give credibility to the distorted lies coming from the Trump administration, and instead hold them accountable for their dangerous imperialistic policies.

We urge you not to help the government sell another devastating war to the American people, but instead bring to light the administration’s hawkish policies towards Iran.

We don’t want another Iraq.


Protesting Trump’s Anti-Iran
Action Group and Its Warhawk Agenda

Medea Benjamin / CODEPINK

Did you see my disruption of US Special Representative for Iran Brian Hook? It is part of our new campaign to send social media messages of friendship and support to the people of Iran.

Medea Benjamin’s disruption of war hawk Brian Hook, the State Department’s Special Envoy to Iran. Medea’s protest against Hook’s belligerent speech and the administration’s harsh sanctions struck a chord with people in Iran — we have been inundated via email and Instagram with messages from ordinary Iranians expressing their thanks and echoing the call for peace. We will continue speaking truth to power until there is peace. Join us & take action at

ACTION: Join us by creating a video of yourself telling the people of Iran that you want to be friends and spread a message of peace. You can even try to do it in Persian. Go to our page to learn how to say “I want to be friends” in Persian. Then send us the video by email or post it on social media with the hashtag #PeaceWithIran.

So much is at stake if we let Trump take us into war with Iran. Iraq is still suffering from the death, destruction and destabilization we caused there over a decade ago. We must act now to stop the next war!

Towards peace and diplomacy,

Medea and the entire CODEPINK team

ACTION: We Love Iranians

Record a message of peace to the Iranian people and upload it onto Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter using our hashtag #peacewithIran. Use this sample script to practice a phrase in Persian, or feel free to make up your own message. Don’t worry about pronunciation. Iranians will be delighted by your effort to communicate and spread a message of peace.

The Steps are Simple
Select a message from one of the examples provided that resonates with you. Record yourself saying you stand with the people of Iran and peace. Share publicly on social media and use hashtag #peacewithIran

Persian Message
man (insert your name) hastam
Maa mikhaeem doost basheem
Va baham dar sol zendegi konim
Na tahreem, na jang
Beh omeed-eh didar

English Message
I’m (insert your name)
We want to be friends
And together live in peace
No sanctions, no war
Hope to see you soon!