ACTION ALERT: US Sanctions on Iran Threaten Children Worldwide

November 25th, 2018 - by admin

Reza Saiedi / No Medical Sanctions & Sarah Maan / – 2018-11-25 23:07:10

Stop Sanctions to Save Lives of
Millions of Chronic Patients Around the World

Reza Saiedi / No Medical Sanctions & Sarah Maan /

(November 23, 2018) — Despite the recent order from the International Court of Justice that US economic sanctions on Iran not “hurt exportation to the territory of Iran of goods required for humanitarian needs such as medicines, medical devices and foodstuffs and agricultural commodities as well as goods and services required for the safety of civil aviation,” the Trump administration’s sanctions have seriously affected Iran’s access to health and medical services, medicine and medical essentials and they even limit the country’s capability to export its medical production.

Iran is a major producer of radiopharmaceuticals used in the field of nuclear medicine as radioactive tracers in medical imaging, and in therapy for many diseases such as different types of cancers and hemophilia.

In addition to patients inside Iran, millions of chronic patients in more than 10 countries are dependent on Iranian radioactive drugs and their lives are in danger as international banks and shipment companies refuse to process Iranian pharmaceutical exports out of fear of U.S penalties.

Iran is supplying almost all of Iraq’s radioactive drug market and it has a large share in Indian market as well. Other main recipients of Iranian radiopharmaceuticals include Egypt, Austria, Mexico, New Zealand, Turkey, Philippines, Brazil and Georgia.

According to the Association of Physicians and Pharmaceuticals, companies importing Iranian radiopharmaceuticals into these countries state that the affordable price, high quality and diversity of Iranian radioactive drugs are the main reasons they prefer these products to other non-Iranian products.

Sanctions are silent killers, especially for those who are dealing with chronic diseases or emergency disorders; the needful are left abandoned.

It is crucial to take action today to prevent another humanitarian disaster. Immediate, appropriate action from the international community can help save millions of lives.

We invite people of conscience to remind American lawmakers to abide by international law and treaties, which prohibits sanctions against medical supplies, medicines and foodstuff.

We kindly invite you to join this campaign and ask the US government and legislators to stop threatening the lives of millions around the world by ensuring that medicine as well as medical and laboratory supplies and the associated banking transactions and transportation are indeed exempt from sanctions.

ACTION: The following website can be used to find the contact information for your elected officials:

ACTION: Sign the Petition to Stop US Sanctions and Save Millions of Lives

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