ACTION ALERT: March 11 — Remember Fukushima: Boycott Grid Power

March 9th, 2019 - by Unplug Nuclear Power

March 11, 2019 is the eighth anniversary of the Fukushima nuclear disaster. 

Now, the Japanese government is forcing people to move back into radioactively contaminated homes. Millions of plastic bags filled with radioactively contaminated soil are degrading and allowing the radiation back into the environment. The Japanese government wants to simply dump all the radiation from Fukushima into the ocean. The need to remember this terrible accident is greater than ever. 

The Nuclear industry is on the ropes. It is more expensive and dangerous than wind or solar power, and most countries do not want to risk a repeat of Fukushima on their soil. However, the nuclear industry has turned to politics, seeking direct government subsidies and guaranteed costs to keep their plants running, no matter what. We need to show that there is no political support for subsidizing this failed technology. 

That’s why we have designed a direct action against the nuclear industry that anyone, anywhere in the world that uses grid-supplied electricity can join. We are asking that you join us, on March 11, by boycotting grid-supplied electricity. As you can see below, there are four Levels of participation, join us at whatever level you can. 

The Fukushima nuclear disaster of 2011 proved once and for all that nuclear power is too dangerous, too dirty, and too expensive to continue. An entire region of Japan, home to more than 200,000 people is now radioactively contaminated and is uninhabitable, probably forever. We cannot allow this kind of disaster to happen again. Yet, the electric utility companies continue to promote and use nuclear power. They value money over our environment or our personal safety.

So, on March 11, thousands of people around the Country and from around the world will join together to teach the utility companies a lesson–we do not need them or nuclear power to survive. By using as little grid-supplied power as possible on that day, we will not only cost the utilities money, we will be declaring our independence from dirty, centralized, unsustainable generation technologies.

Level 1

Households at this level reduce their power use an estimated 10 KiloWatt hours by turning off lights, turning down heat and minimizing the use of appliances. 

Level 2

At this level, households cut power use in half (about 15 kWh) by only powering essential systems. 


Turn off grid power, saving 30 kWh CAUTION! Turning off sump pumps or heaters can be dangerous. 

Level 4

These households commit to generating more power than they use through wind, solar, or other renewable technologies

It may seem that the simple act of turning out lights would not be enough to shut down as entrenched an industry as nuclear power. However, we are following in the tradition of Ghandi who made the simple act of making salt from seawater one of the things that brought down British colonial rule in India. The truth is that the nuclear industry is failing. Even without Fukushima, plants are closing all over the world.

Sometimes, as in Crystal River, FL it is because they are literally falling apart. Other plants are being shut for economic reasons, and still more such as Vermont Yankee are being closed because of pressure from the people. It will not take much more pressure at this critical time to cause the indusry to collapse altogether. Let’s apply that pressure. Turn off your power on 3/11, Unplug Nuclear Power!