Two US Veterans Refused Bail After Nonviolent Protest at Air Base in Ireland

March 20th, 2019 - by Veterans For Peace &

US Veterans Jailed After Protest at Air Base in Ireland

Veterans For Peace

IRELAND (March 19, 2019) – Two Veterans for Peace activists, Tarak Kauff and Ken Mayers, are being held without bail in Ireland for a nonviolent protest on the airfield at Shannon Airport in Limerick. You can get the details from the press release currently on the front page of the website and you can go directly to There are suggestions of what to do on this page (calling Irish Embassy, etc.) The support has been overwhelming, and we’re trying to keep up with emails. Thanks to everyone for all their support and wishes.Keep spreading the word.

Two US Vets Refused Bail at Ennis District Court

Stop These Press Statement

Two former US servicemen, aged 82 and 77, have been charged over a “security breach” during a peace protest in Ireland.

SHANNON AIRPORT, Ireland (March 18, 2019) — A group of seven US Veterans for Peace took part in a protest against US Military Base at Shannon Airport on Sunday March 17th

WHY? Shannon used for refueling troop planes bound for Middle East wars in which up to one million [1,000,000] children have died since 1991.

Two US veterans were arrested at Shannon Airport on 17 March for entering the airfield to inspect and investigate an OMNI Air International plane on contract to the U.S. military.  The two, Tarak Kauff and Ken Mayers, were refused bail at Ennis District Court today.

The plane, tail number N351AX, arrived at Shannon Airport about 8.30 a.m. from Eielson US air force base in Faribanks Alaska, believed to be on its way to the Middle East with up to 300 armed US troops.

At about 10 am Mayers, a former Marine Corps Major and Kauff, a former Army paratrooper, both members of US Veterans For Peace, entered the airfield carrying a large banner that said:

U.S. Veterans say Respect Irish Neutrality
U.S. War Machine out of Shannon Airport

The two walked across the airfield with the intent of inspecting the plane for weapons or munitions, but were apprehended by airport security and Gardai.  There were detained and interviewed at Shannon Garda station and held overnight for arraignment on charges of trespass and criminal damage.

At Ennis District Court this morning Mayers and Kauff were represented by solicitor Darragh Hassett. The prosecution outlined the charges against them and indicated that they were opposed to bail. Garda Sergeant Noel Carroll gave evidence of arrest on Taxiway 12 at Shannon airport. He also stated that there was a US military aircraft at the airport, most likely referring to OMNI Air N351AX. He also confirmed that the defendants were both veterans of the US military. The prosecutor, Inspector Thomas Kennedy, said there had been substantial damage to the airport perimeter fence. The defendants then requested an adjournment to discuss matters with their solicitor.

When the bail issue was being discussed Solicitor Hassett initially stated that the defendants were prepared to agree to bail conditions that involved surrendering their passports, and remaining in Ireland for the duration of the legal processes. This was an unacceptable condition as it would mean that the defendants would have to remain in Ireland at their own expense for up to two years before the trial would occur, and this restriction amounts to punishment without trial.

After the court resumed, Hassett emphasized that the defendants needed to return home to the USA and would sign a sworn undertaking to return for trial. The prosecution opposed this and continued to oppose the granting of any bail.

Judge Maire Keane then ruled that she was denying bail to the accused and remanded them in custody to Limerick Prison, where they are to appear for a further court mention hearing by video from the prison on Wednesday 20 March.

Further discussions were then held with Solicitor Hassett. He raised the option of appealing the bail refusal to the High Court in Dublin and he was told to lodge such an appeal. He indicated that it would likely be Thursday 28 March before this High Court appeal would be heard.

Ed Horgan, coordinator of Irish Veterans For Peace, said, “This process is a clear attempt to punish the two VFP activists before any trial takes place. We are calling on all peace and human rights activists in Ireland and internationally to campaign not only on behalf of Ken Mayers and Tarak Kauff, but, more important, on behalf of all the innocent people being killed and injured by US illegal wars.”

Major Ken Mayers served 12 years in the US Marine Corps. He is a former National Board member of Veterans For Peace and participate in veterans peace team delegations to Palestine, Okinawa, Jeju Island, South Korea, and Standing Rock.

Tarak Kauff was a paratrooper in the US Army during the early sixties. He was a member of the VFP National Board of Directors for six years. He has organized veterans delegations to Palestine, Okinawa, South Korea and Standing Rock. He is currently the managing editor of Peace In Our Times, VFP’s quarterly 24-page newspaper.

Contact details: Ellen Davidson, Veterans For Peace USA, Phone +353863539911. USA: 845-297-8076

Edward Horgan, Veterans For Peace Ireland, Phone +353858519623 aedwardhorgan45@gmail.comE

Updates on Tarak Kauff and Ken Mayers

Latest Press Release: Stop These

(March 19, 2019) — At the arraignment, March 18, Tarak and Ken were represented by the equivalent of a legal services attorney, since it was a bank holiday and we were unable to find a solicitor at 9:30 the night before when we found out they were being arraigned.

On March 19, Ellen Davidson and Ed Horgan of Shannonwatch and Veterans For Peace Ireland will be meeting with Ed’s lawyer in Belfast, who is handling a similar case for Ed. There will be a video hearing tomorrow, sort of an administrative next step of their arraignment.  Their appeal of the no-bail ruling will be heard on March 28. More news then. Irish Amnesty International has been contacted, and Ellen Davidson will be contacting the U.S. Embassy in Ireland today.

Tarak and Ken are settled in at the jail in Limerick. The guards so far are very friendly, it’s comfortable, and according to Tarak, the food is better than NYC jails. They are rooming together. They can make phone calls, but I imagine it’s a fairly limited privilege.

There is a crew of activists in the Limerick area who will be visiting them regularly and perhaps holding vigils at the jail. Currently we are asking folks to:

  • Call the Irish Embassy and consulates in the states
  • Call the State Department
  • Call their senators and representatives

The demand for the above is that Tarak and Ken be given bail and allowed to return home (to the U.S.) until their trial, which will definitely take months but could take years. They could end up serving more time than the penalty for their charges before they even get tried, much less convicted.

To Donate: You can also donate to defray defense expenses by calling the Veterans For Peace national office at (314) 725-6005 and making a donation. Be sure to specify that it’s for Tarak and Ken. Shelly at the national office will keep track of the funds. We hope to have an online donation option soon.

To Write: And you can write to them at Limerick Prison, Mulgrave Street, Limerick, Ireland.