ACTION ALERT: Demand a Climate Debate

June 19th, 2019 - by Gar Smith

Tell DNC members: Stand up for a climate debate

The petition to DNC members reads:
“Join the DNC member resolution calling for a climate debate.”

Yesterday, CREDO and our partners delivered over 200,000 petition signatures directly to the Democratic National Committee calling for a presidential primary debate on climate change.

Momentum for a climate debate is growing fast. Fifteen Democratic presidential candidates have joined our call, including Sens. Elizabeth Warren and Bernie Sanders.1 So have the USA Today Editorial Board2 and the Miami-Dade Democratic Party.3

DNC Chairman Tom Perez made a terrible decision last week to reject our demands and is now feeling the pressure – including backlash from within his own party. More than 50 members of the DNC – over 10% of the total voting membership – signed a resolution last week calling on Perez to reverse his decision and allow a climate debate.4 If we can amplify their voices, we can push Perez to give candidates a real forum to talk about solutions. 

Tell DNC members: Join the resolution for a climate debate. Click here to sign the petition.

The next president of the United States must be prepared to take bolder, faster climate action than any leader before. After four years of Trump, we have no more time to waste.

But the media is still ignoring the issue, giving cover to politicians – corrupt Republicans and cowardly Democrats alike – who refuse to take action. In 2018, climate coverage on broadcast networks plunged 45% from 2017, despite a year of extreme weather and record climate disasters around the world.5

We need Democrats to step up and put climate change on the national political stage. Without a substantive debate, we can’t ensure that Democrats will nominate someone who is ready to lead. The climate crisis is complex, and we need bold solutions – not 30-second soundbites. 

The backlash against Perez’ refusal to allow a climate debate has been rapid and fierce. He even felt compelled to write a blog post justifying his decision on the eve of our DNC rally.6 Perez seems desperate to relieve the pressure. We need to increase it and force Perez to start taking the climate crisis seriously. 

Tell DNC members: Join the resolution for a climate debate. Click here to sign the petition:Thanks for fighting back,

Brandy Doyle, Campaign Manager
CREDO Action from Working Assets

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