ACTION ALERT: Demand Congress Block Unauthorized War with Iran

June 22nd, 2019 - by Jose Vasquez / Common Defense & Win Without War

ACTION ALERT: Demand Congress Block Unauthorized War with Iran

Jose Vasquez / Common Defense

(June 21, 2019) — According to the New York Times, late last night, Donald Trump came perilously close to secretly launching a war with Iran. “The operation was underway in its early stages when it was called off, a senior administration official said. Planes were in the air and ships were in position, but no missiles had been fired when word came to stand down.”

Trump’s planned air strikes mean that a new war in the Middle East is no longer just a threat. It’s here. This is the moment of truth.

We’re demanding that Congress IMMEDIATELY block this unauthorized war. A massive outcry right now will force them to take action.

If Congress doesn’t act quickly, Trump and his bloodthirsty cronies could drag us into a disastrous new war: a war that would be even more costly and devastating than the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan. We MUST repeal the 2001 AUMF, rein in Trump’s blank check for conflict, and prevent him from adding another target to our 18-year-long Forever War.

Trump was one order away from striking Iran. This blatant showing of obtrusive power needs to be controlled before Trump does something that leads this country into yet another war. We NEED to demand that Congress block any and all attempts by the Trump administration to strike Iran — before it’s too late. 

Sign this petition today to alert Congress to rein in Trump and his impulsive decision making by blocking any decision of unauthorized attacks that could drag us into a war with Iran. 

If Congress doesn’t take immediate action, it would mean incredible bloodshed, far beyond the scale of Iraq. It would be a massive expansion of our worldwide, aimless, costly, destructive Forever War. Trillions of dollars spent, accomplishing little besides making billionaire CEOs of weapons manufacturers rich. We can’t let that happen.

This is an urgent moment. We have to do everything in our power to reject catastrophic war with Iran.

We’re rapidly preparing to rally as many veterans and military families as possible — and make our demand too strong, too loud to ignore. Nobody knows the true cost of war as much as those who’ve seen or been impacted by it directly, and for months our veterans organizing has prepared us for this crisis. We have a key role to play in demanding that Congress stop an unauthorized war with Iran.

Thank you for speaking up at this critical time.

Jose Vasquez is a US Army veteran and the Executive Director of Common Defense

Call Congress: No War with Iran!

Win Without War

(June 22, 2019) — We’ve never been closer to a full-scale war with Iran as we are right now.

Trump is going back and forth on whether or not to take military action in reaction to the Iranian government shooting down a US drone in the Gulf of Oman yesterday. This comes on the heels of months of escalation and provocation by Trump’s war cabinet.

And the Trump-Bolton-Pompeo cabinet could race us toward war at any moment.

There has never been a more important time to contact your Representative than this week. If Congress doesn’t hear from us right now, when we’re at the brink of a US-Iran war, how are they going to know how badly we don’t want this war?!

Or, can you ask your members of Congress a question at an upcoming Townhall? If so, here’s what you do:

  • Find your townhallHere’s a handy guide to help you out if you’ve never been to one before from our friends at Indivisible.
  • Get on the mic, and ask this question: “As a member of Congress, what are you doing to stop Donald Trump and his war cabinet from starting an unnecessary, costly, and destructive war with Iran?”
  • Have someone take a video of you asking this question, and share it on Twitter with #NoWarWithIran to help hold Congress accountable!

Let’s be clear. We are in a crisis. But Trump’s war cabinet of John Bolton and Mike Pompeo created this crisis.

This drone episode comes on top of two tanker attacks in the Gulf of Oman, which resulted from months of escalation, threats, and U.S troop deployments to the region. Meanwhile, what the media isn’t reporting is how this latest news comes on top of a serious, targeted pro-war campaign from the Trump administration to put us on this path toward war for years.

Trump’s war cabinet alone has: 

  1. established a policy of hostility and antagonism toward Iran from day one,
  2. hired advisors and took the counsel of outside voices who want regime change and war with Iran,
  3. violated the Iran nuclear deal,
  4. engaged in economic warfare by unilaterally imposing crushing sanctions on Iran and threatened sanctions against our European allies, even though Iran was/is still complying with the agreement, and
  5. increased regional tensions through belligerent rhetoric and a bolstered US military presence aimed at confronting Iran.

This long march toward war is daunting, and has been exhausting. But there is STILL time to reverse course of the Trump administration galloping us to war. 

And it lies with Congress having the power to constrain Trump’s ability to wage war with Iran. But we can’t make them fight like hell to stop this war, unless they hear from us LOUD and NOW.

ACTION: Can you call your Representative in Congress to STOP this Trump-Bolton-Pompeo race toward war with Iran before it’s too late?

Thank you for working for peace,

Kate, Stephen, Amy, and the Win Without War team