Germans Want US Troops Out

October 31st, 2019 - by War Is & Deutscher Bundestag

Germans Demand All US Military Leave, Claiming US War with Russia Is Inevitable

War Is

(October 29, 2019) — A democratic socialist faction of the German parliament is demanding the United States withdraw all 35,000 American troops from their nation, claiming that a war with Russia is inevitable and that America’s mere presence is incompatible with Germany’s visions of peace.

Known simply in English as “The Left” (In German, “Die Linke”) the party (which was founded in 2007) has claimed that America is responsible for illegal wars across the world, and that their presence within German borders is a violation of the peace doctrine enshrined in German law.

“More than 35,000 US soldiers are stationed in Germany, more than in any other country in Europe,” the party said in a statement. The party also noted that the US has nuclear weapons in Germany, and that any pending escalations with Russia would undoubtedly find the German people in front-row seats to the third world war, whether they want to participate or not.

In order to prevent war, the German political wing would rather appease Russia by removing the Americans, opting to handle matters on their own.

“The local US troop presence will escalate tensions with Russians,” the party wrote. The faction demanded that the German government withdraw from nuclear participation in NATO, insisted upon the withdrawal of foreign forces from within Germany and asked that no further funds go to foreign military presence upkeep costs.

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Germany’s Left Party Calls for Withdrawal of US Troops

Deutscher Bundestag
BERLIN (November 21, 2019) — The faction known as The Left (Die Linke) in the German Parliament is campaigning for a withdrawal of the US Army from Germany.  “More than 35,000 US soldiers are stationed in Germany, more than in any other country in Europe,” it says in a motion.

“Its presence is incompatible with the peace requirement of the German Constitution. US bases in Germany play an important role in the US war policy in the Middle East, coordinating the deployment of US land forces around Iran, carrying out troop transports and helicopter transits and becoming the practice of targeted killings in violation of international law continued in Pakistan and Afghanistan by the US.”

In addition, the local US troop presence will be used to escalate tensions with Russia, the deputies are arguing and call on the Federal Government, to terminate the Treaty on the Residence of Foreign Armed Forces in the Federal Republic under point 3 of the Agreement of the Parties of September 25, 1990 and the NATO Troops Statute in accordance with Article XIX and thereby obtain that all foreign troops leave Germany.

In addition, the federal government of Germany should declare the withdrawal from the nuclear part of NATO and work towards the immediate withdrawal of US nuclear bombs. From now on, according to the will of the deputies no further funds should be provided for the alimentation of foreign military in the Federal Republic.

Germany Must Not Join the War-Making Nations of the World

Petition from The Action Network

To: The German Government

Tensions between Washington, London, and Tehran are constantly rising. Since the inauguration of Trump, the United States has pulled out of a nuclear agreement, stationed an aircraft carrier (and a carrier strike group which includes at least one submarine) near Iran, and imposed debilitating sanctions which constitute a war crime. 

Die Spannungen zwischen Washington, London und dem Iran nehmen beständig zu. Seit der AmtseinfĂĽhrung von Trump haben die USA ein Nuklearabkommen mit dem Iran aufgehoben, einen Flugzeugträger und eine Trägergruppe, zu der mindestens ein U-Boot gehört vor Iran in Stellung gebracht. DarĂĽberhinaus wurden folgenschwere Sanktionen verhängt, was an sich einem Kriegsverbrechen entspricht.

Further, [former National Security Advisor] John Bolton and [Secretary of State] Mike Pompeo have called for regime change and war on Iran. Now, the US is trying to involve Germany by asking it to join the threatening presence in the Strait of Hormuz. Rather than answering the US call, Germany must finally remove war-launching US bases (and nuclear weapons) from its soil, and stop supporting any policy of sanctions, of economic warfare.

Des weiteren haben der Sicherheitsberater John Bolton und US-Außenminister Mike Pompeo den Regimewechsel und Krieg gegen den Iran gefordert. Und jetzt verlangt die US-Regierung von Deutschland, sich einer militärischen Präsenz im Persischen Golf anzuschließen. Anstatt dieser Forderung der USA Folge zu leisten, muss Deutschland endlich die US-Stützpunkte, von denen aus Kriege unterstützt werden (und die Atomwaffen) auf seinem Territorium verbieten und die deutsche Sanktionspolitik beenden, die einer wirtschaftlichen Kriegsführung entspricht.

What we need is peace and reconciliation, only to be achieved through de-escalating tensions and continuing with diplomatic efforts. We urgently need to return to a policy based on the principles of the UN Charter and the Kellogg-Briand Pact, the very foundation of international law.
Wir brauchen Frieden und Versöhnung, was nur durch Deeskalation der Spannungen erreicht werden kann und indem diplomatische Bemühungen fortgesetzt werden. Wir müssen dringend zu einer Politik zurückkehren, die auf den Prinzipien der Charta der Vereinten Nationen und des Kellogg-Briand-Pakts, den Grundlagen des Völkerrechts beruht.


Endorsed by Aufstehen Berlin-Mitte, Berliner Arbeitskreis Uranmunition, Aktion Freiheit statt Angst, World BEYOND War Germany, Aktionsgruppe Venezuela Berlin, Coop Anti-War Cafe, MĂĽtter gegen den Krieg Berlin-Brandenburg