ACTION ALERT: Ban Monsanto’s Chlorpyrifos, the Nerve-gas Pesticide

November 13th, 2019 - by Avaaz


PETITION: To the EU, US, Brazil and all the world’s governments and regulators responsible for Health and Environmental Policy:

As citizens from across the world, we call on you to immediately ban the use of chlorpyrifos in food production and protect our health. Leading health authorities say chlorpyrifos does not meet the required safety criteria and are linking it to cancer, brain damage in children, and nerve disorders. Use your power to block this terrible poison, and build a pesticide-free future for us and our children.

It’s the most dangerous pesticide you’ve never heard of, linked to cancer, brain damage, and nerve disordersand it’s everywhere.

Chlorpyrifos is the chemical industry’s dirtiest secret, topping sales everywhere, but kept from the media spotlight. And it’s no surprise — it traces back to nerve agents developed in a Nazi lab! Now it’s in our food, air and drinking water. 

Right now we have an amazing chance to get it banned. Europe could be about to block its use, and key decisions are coming up in major markets like Brazil and the US. Let’s make sure we win the ban in Europe, and then unleash the power of our movement to push for bans everywhere!

Sign now and share with everyone — when this is huge, we’ll team up with chlorpyrifos victims to deliver our voices to regulators around the world: 
Its defenders say chlorpyrifos is an effective pesticide — but that’s because it’s derived from a class of chemicals developed to make nerve gas! This could be one of the most toxic chemicals we’ve ever put on our food.

The effects it can have on the human body are devastating, triggering everything from lung cancer to Parkinson’s disease. And children are badly affected, damaging their brain development and reducing their IQ.

Laboratory rats exposed to clorpyrifos developed horrific tumors.

Now we have a chance to call time on chlorpyrifos use. With Europe close to a ban, we can take this over the line, then help launch a movement to take the fight to other major markets across the world — starting with Brazil and big US states where key decisions are imminent.

Sign now and share with everyone — let’s get this toxic chemical off our food and out of our children’s bodies ASAP: 
ACTION: Sign to ban chlorpyrifos! 

Our community played a central role in the fight against glyphosate, and when chemical kingpin Monsanto took us to court over our campaign, we came together and won! Chlorpyrifos is even worse — so let’s stop this poison being spread before it does more damage!

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