ACTION ALERT: Vote ‘No’ on ‘Moral Cowardice’

December 13th, 2019 - by Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez / US Congress

ACTION ALERT Voting ‘No’ on ‘Moral Cowardice’

 Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez / US Congress

WASHINGTON (December 12, 2019) — This holiday season, more than 700,000 Americans received notice that the Trump administration would be cutting their food stamps. Just weeks later, the Defense Department received notice of their holiday bonus: $738 billion in spending, a $22 billion raise over last year.

It gets worse. Not only are we spending nearly a trillion dollars on war, but Republicans in the House stripped an amendment that would have ended our support for the war in Yemen. That was our best shot at ending a conflict that has claimed hundreds of thousands of lives.

This bill is moral cowardice — plain and simple. That’s why AOC is joining Ro Khanna in voting no on this disastrous military spending bill. Will you join our call and sign your name to stand in opposition? 

When we spend $738 billion on war, we rob the American people of the future they deserve. When we buy more tanks and planes, we take away money for education. When we’re paying for drone strikes, we’re not helping Black and Brown families stay in their homes as gentrification skyrockets. 

Our priorities are out of line. 

The Republican Party isn’t against spending, they’re against spending that would help all of us. They’re against spending to build an America where every family has a right to housing, education, and dignity. 

ACTION: That’s why we’re voting ‘no’ and demanding a better deal. If you’re with AOC and Ro Khanna, sign your name here to oppose this new military spending scheme: 

Why we don’t have the funds to end hunger, homelessness, and poverty in the US.

Thanks for taking action, 
Team AOC