ACTION ALERT: End Deadly US Sanctions on Iran

March 25th, 2020 - by Win Without War

URGENT: Write Your Members of Congress on Iran

Win Without War

 (March 24, 2020) — Every second, we are losing people we love to COVID-19 — from New York to Milan to Tehran. 

And while people everywhere scramble to self-isolate, patch together emergency medical supplies, protect workers, and care for our loved ones, 80 MILLION Iranians are facing an even greater barrier to being able to respond: US Sanctions. 

US sanctions on Iran severely restrict life-saving medical supplies, including COVID-19 emergency medical relief like protective gear and ventilators. Even with exemptions for humanitarian aid, companies are not able to navigate complex regulations in order to get the aid in. And it’s predicted that if more is not done to slow the spread of the virus, such as lifting sanctions strangling Iran’s economy, at least 3.5 million people in Iran will die of COVID-19.

That’s why a group of representatives, led by Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, just dropped a bicameral letter in Congress calling on Secretaries Mnuchin and Pompeo to suspend sanctions on Iran for 120 days.
They plan to deliver it to Secs. Mnuchin and Pompeopossibly at the end of this week.We don’t have much time — will you urge your members of Congress to sign today?

ACTION: Please take two seconds to write Congress and ask that they sign onto Representatives Ocasio-Cortez, Omar, Castro, and Huffman’s letter to suspend sanctions on Iran.

Tell Congress: Demand COVID-19 Sanctions on Iran Be Suspended NOW!

US sanctions on Iran are severely restricting life-saving medical supplies, including emergency medical relief and supplies like protective gear and ventilators. It’s predicted that if sanctions are not lifted, at least 3.5 million Iranians people will die of COVID-19.

That’s why a group of representatives led by Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez just dropped a bicameral letter in Congress calling on Secretaries Mnuchin and Pompeo to immediately suspend sanctions on Iran for 120 days.

They plan to deliver it to Sec’s Mnuchin and Pompeo this weekSo we have JUST A FEW DAYS to get as much power in Congress behind this letter as possible.

Can you please take two seconds to write your members of Congress and ask them sign onto Representatives Ocasio-Cortez, Omar and Senators Sanders Warren, and others’ letter to suspend sanctions on Iran?

Temporary suspension of sanctions on Iran isn’t just an idealistic dream. We’ve already seen it happen before. 

During both the Bush and Obama administrations, sanctions were temporarily suspended to allow emergency relief in after devastating earthquakes. And today’s coronavirus pandemic is likewise an undeniable EMERGENCY.That’s why in response to today’s emergency, we should once again reach across borders, and take care of each other.

Luckily, there are more and more stories in the press on the impacts of US sanctions on the Iranian COVID-19 response. If we can get members of Congress to add their voices to this building momentum today, we can create pressure from all sides to push Secretary Mnuchin to do the right thing.

Let’s be real, right now things are hard, everywhere. But you are not alone in your fear, or your heartbreak right now. And it’s important, now more than ever, that we continue to come together, to take care of each other across the street, across the country, and across the world. 

Today, let’s reach across borders and say loud and clear: You are not alone in this.

ACTION: Will you write Congress and ask that they sign onto Reps. Ocasio-Cortez, Omar, Castro, and Huffman’s letter calling for a temporary suspension of sanctions NOW?

Thank you for working for peace,

Erica, Shayna, Mariam, and the Win Without War team


Dear Representatives and Senators

Please sign the letter by Reps. Ocasio-Cortez, Omar, Sens. Sanders, Warren, and others, demanding a temporary 120-day suspension of sanctions to allow access for relief for Iran during the coronavirus pandemic.

At least 3.5 million Iranians are projected to die of COVID-19 without sanctions relief. Right now, US sanctions are limiting access to critical medical equipment, supplies, and medicine to fight coronavirus and prevent its spread. This is a humanitarian crisis.