In Colombia: The Victims of the Other Pandemic

June 15th, 2020 - by Marcela Osorio / El Espectador

These are the leaders assassinated since the signing of the Peace Agreement

Marcela Osorio / El Espectador

BOGOTA (June 14, 2020) — More than 442 Colombian activists have been murdered since November 24, 2016.

This tribute is inspired by a similar list published by the New York Times.

The Times printed a front-page list of those killed by COVID-19.

In Colombia’s tragedy, there is no consensus on the data.

Numbers vary depending on where they come from.

Marcelina Canacué, community leader from Versailles was murdered in 2016.
While walking with her nine-year-old granddaughter. 
Mario Castaño Bravo was gunned down in Belén de Bajirá on November 26, 2017. 
His son was shot 23 times. 
Mary Florelia Cana Meza, founder of the Nasa Nuevo Despertar council, was murderered on August 24, 2018. 
Dagoberto Álvarez, was assassinated on June 1, 2019, a few meters from his home in Playa de Belén. 
Gloria Isabel Ocampo, secretary of the La Estrella Communal Action Board. 
Killed when assassins attacked her home on January 7, 2020.
Add these five names to another 437 deaths. 
This provides macabre record of social leaders murdered. 
This list only includes cases dating from the signing of the September 2016 Peace Agreement. 
There is no final agreement on the dimensions of the phenomenon. 
The stories and the victims are still alarming: 
442 dead in three-and-a half-years.

Social Leaders Assassinated in Colombia Since the Signing of the Peace Accord with the Revolutionary Forces of FARC (The first of 22 pages)


•   Marcelena Canacur, November 24, 2016, Community leader of the Vereda Versailles Community Actin Board

Luis Carlos Tenorio, December 2, 206, Nasa Community Indigeous leader.

José Abdón Collazos, December 3 2016, Leader and member of the Mesa

•   Mario José Martínez, December 4, 2016, Leader of the August 7 community group

•   Guillermo Vergaño, December 8, 2016, Leader of the Community Action Board of the district of Buenos Aires

•   Alejandro Possu Arrechea, December 8 2016, Peace manager and leader of the Afro-descendant community

•   Rafael Lubo Aguilar, December 11, 2016, Indigenous leader of the Wayoo ARAURAYU Association

•   Martín José Martínez, December 22, 2016, Reynolds Company union leader

•   Anuar José Álvarez, December 25, 2016, ASCAMTA peasant leader

•   Janet Alejandra Calvache, December 25, 2016, Leader of the Balboa Peasant Workers Association 

•   Carlos Jesús Báez Torres (Karla), January 1, 2017, Leader of the LGTBI community in Cúcuta 

•   Aldemar Parra García, January 7, 2017, President of the El Hatillo Beekeeping Association

•   José Yimer Cartagena Úsuga, January 10, 2017, Vice President of the Alto Sinú Peasant Association (ASODECAS) and leader of the Patriotic March movement

•   Edmiro León Alzate Londoño, January 12, 2017, Movement for Life and Defense of the Territory in Eastern Antioquia (MOVETE)

•   Emilsen Manyoma Mosquera, January 14, 2017, Community leader and member of the Conpaz Network; former member of several social organizations and former collaborator with the Humanitarian Space of Buenaventura

•   Hernán Enrique Agámez Flórez, January 19, 2017, Treasurer of the El Barro Community Action Board; member of the Montelíbano Cocalero Committee; leader of ASOCDCAS Patriotic March

•   Hernando Murillo Armijo, January 25, 2017, Afro-Colombian leader and former president of the Agüita Village Community Action Board (2012-2016)

•   Yoryanis Isabel Bernal Varela, January 26, 2017, Wiwa Golkuche Indigenous leader from the Maow Kowi and Arhuaco neighborhood, accompanying all facets of their ethnic group on issues of the rights of Indigenous women.

•   Leonidas González Pérez, January 27, 2017, Journalists and coordinator of the Afro chapter of the Human Rights Table of journalists in Medellin and Antioquia (MESDHUPERA)

•   Gildardo Antonio Valdés, January 28 2017, Treasurer of the Community Action Board of the Cocha Abajo District.

For the full list of murdered activists and leaders, go to this link.

Note: This list has only been updated to March 2020. 
The Somos Defensores data for April and May is currently being consolidated.