ACTION ALERT: Tell BlackRock to Stop Investing in Tasers!

July 9th, 2020 - by CODEPINK


 (July 7, 2020) — BlackRock loves to make a killing on killing: Over a thousand Americans have been killed by Tasers — 32 percent of them are Black Americans. Tasers are made by the colossal law enforcement supplier Axon Enterprise, based in Arizona.

One of their top shareholders happens to be Blackrock. Recently Blackrock has been trying to be sympathetic to the atrocities of murders waged on Black Americans and communities of color. If we ramp up massive pressure and blow the whistle on their deadly stocks, we can highlight that divesting from Tasers and the war in our streets will be a step in the right direction in building a fair and just society.

This issue is important to having peace in our streets. But this will only work if people participate. Send an email to Blackrock to divest from the Taser manufacturer Axon Enterprise which is responsible for the killing of thousands of Americans, and CODEPINK will pull out all the stops to make sure Blackrock execs hear our call:

Tell Blackrock: Stop Investing in Tasers!

Blackrock could do this. They recently announced that they were divesting from fossil fuels — signaling a shift in their policies. If CEO Larry Fink cares about “diversity, fairness, and justice” and building a “stronger, more equal, and safer society” — he should divest from Tasers.

Plus, compared to Blackrock’s other holdings, Taser stocks aren’t even that significant!
But if Blackrock does this, it could be the first domino we need to get other investment companies on board too. Send an email to BlackRock and share this widely! 


I am writing to you today on behalf of CODEPINK, a non-profit organization, that opposes militarism at home and abroad and seeks positive social change through proactive, creative protest, and non-violent direct action. CODEPINK is part of a national campaign that includes 85 local, state, and national organizations that are calling for divestment from weapons of war.

As you may know, Larry Fink stated that he cares about “diversity, fairness, and justice” and building a “stronger, more equal, and safer society.” His comments influenced the U.S. business sector. However, under his watch, BlackRock maintains significant stakes in Taser manufacturer Axon Enterprises. The Tasers made by Axon are responsible for the killing of thousands of Americans. Axon does not promote a just and compassionate world, which is why we are calling on BlackRock to divest its assets from Tasers.

In 2019, Reuters reported that over a thousand Americans were killed by Tasers used by law enforcement. Black Americans make up at 32 percent of those who died while Whites make up 29 percent.

In 2017, Washington County Sheriff’s fired their Tasers over 15 times, killing 58-year-old African-American Eurie Martin. The Taser manufacturer, Axon Enterprise, stated that “its weapons are not risk-free but are safer than batons, fists, tackles, and impact munitions.” In other words, the company knows that its products cause deadly harm but takes no responsibility for the thousands of deaths.

We strongly urge you to reconsider your investments in Axon Enterprise. 

Thank you for your time.


Tell Blackrock: Stop Investing in Tasers!

If there’s one thing our community stands for, it’s peace and social justice. And one way we can help achieve that is by cutting off the flow of cash into the manufacturing of Tasers. So, let’s come together to make that happen, and help prevent more innocent Americans from being killed with these senseless tools. 
With hope,
Nancy, Carley, Jodie, Paki, Cody, Kelsey, and Yousef