To End War We Must End WWII

September 27th, 2020 - by World BEYOND War

World BEYOND War

 (September 21, 2020) — Did you know that the U.S. troops were supposed to leave Germany and Japan but never have, the taxes in the U.S. and elsewhere for weapons were supposed to end but never have, the state of militarization, the government secrecy, and the war propaganda were supposed to ease up but have developed into permawar? 

But the most important part of World War II that needs to be ended is the belief in its goodness, much of which was created after 1945. A major hurdle in trying to reduce militarism today is the false idea that WWII might happen again, combined with the false idea that participating in it would be justifiable. Fortunately, we’ve got a curefor these misconceptions: 

We’re offering a brand new online course from October 5 to November 15, 2020.

This course is 100% online and interactions are not live or scheduled, so you can take part whenever works for you.

The course fee is $100, but you can pay less if you have to, more if you are able to help others. There will be a limit of 140 tickets sold for this course. 

Everyone registered for the course will receive PDF, ePub, and Kindle versions of David Swanson’s new book Leaving World War II Behind, which will provide additional reading to those who want to go beyond the written, video, and graphic materials, the discussions, and the optional Zoom calls provided in the course.

Among the guest facilitators of the course will be Hakim YoungSusi SnyderBarry SweeneyCharlotte Dennett, and John Reuwer.

The purpose of the course is to inform the participant and enable them to inform others of why World War II is not a good justification for military spending and war planning, both because WWII happened in a very different world from today’s, and because common beliefs about the nature of and justifications for WWII are false. By debunking myths about WWII having been necessary, justifiable, and beneficial, we can strengthen arguments for moving to a world beyond war. 

The course will explore why WWII was not fought to rescue anyone from persecution, was not necessary for defense, was the most damaging and destructive event yet to occur, and could have been prevented by avoiding any of several bad decisions. 

Watch this video about the course and please share it:

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