Israeli Soldiers Attack West Bank School

December 18th, 2020 - by The Palestine Chronicles

Israeli Forces Fire Teargas Grenades inside West Bank School Suffocating Students, Teachers

The Palestine Chronicles

(December 17, 2020) — Dozens of Palestinian students and teachers today suffocated from teargas fired by the Israeli military inside their school in the village of Anin, west of the northern West Bank city of Jenin, according to the Palestinian news agency WAFA.

Local sources told WAFA that the Israeli army attack on the school caused injury and panic, and disrupted classes as teachers rushed to help the students chocked from the teargas.

The education directorate in Jenin condemned the attack on the school and called for holding Israel accountable for its crimes against Palestinian education, students and people.

Attacks on education by Israeli military forces and Israeli settlers in Palestine constitute grave violations of children’s rights to education and development. These attacks are particularly prevalent in the most vulnerable areas of the West Bank – Area C, H2 in Hebron (Al-Khalil), and East Jerusalem.

“Israel’s strategy in attacking the Palestinian schooling system is a brutal logic, that has guided the Israeli government strategy regarding Palestinian education for 70 years,” wrote Palestinian journalist and editor of The Palestine Chronicle Ramzy Baroud.

“It is a war,” Baroud added, “that cannot be discussed or understood outside the larger war on Palestinian identity, freedom, and, in fact, the very existence of the Palestinian people.”

Israeli Army Shell Strikes a Gaza Home

Palestine Chronicle Staff

(December 15, 2020) — The Israeli occupation army fired a shell at a Palestinian home in the besieged Gaza Strip, Palestine Chronicle correspondent, Wafaa Aludaini reported.

An Israeli army tank opened fire at the house located in the village of Juhr Al-Dik, in the central Gaza Strip, last night. There were no injuries because the family were not at home at the moment of the attack.

The home belongs to the Al-Naser family. Mohammed, 22, who lives with his aunt and grandmother in the house, told Aludaini that the family, which lives near the eastern separation fence between besieged Gaza and Israel, has escaped by a miracle.

“We were at the house of one of our relatives celebrating his wedding last night, and so we survived the tank strike by miracle,” he said, adding, “I used to sleep in the room where the shell struck, and so if I was home, I would be dead now”.

Mohammed also refuted a claim by the Israeli army that the shell was fired by mistake. “The Israeli forces have very sophisticated, precise and powerful weapons, so we do not believe that the strike happened by mistake,” he said.

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