ACTION ALERT: Stop Funding War and Militarism

April 28th, 2021 - by Daily Kos, World BEYOND War, et al / Action Network Petition

Sign the Petition to Congress: Stop Funding War and Militarism — Invest in Our Communities!

Daily Kos, World BEYOND War, et al / Action Network Petition

(April 26, 2021) — As we continue to economically struggle amidst the COVID pandemic, suffer at the hands of federally-militarized police, and fund ICE and their inhumane practices, Congress continues to increase military budgets with our taxpayer dollars.

In 2020, the US government spent almost as much as the next 12 countries combined on preparing for war. 

When you take into account domestic “security” — spending on things like abusive immigration enforcement and federal prisons — militarized spending makes up nearly two-thirds of the total discretionary federal budget.   

Out-of-control Pentagon spending, abusive immigration enforcement, mass incarceration, and other militarized systems do not offer solutions to the real issues facing our country.  

Our taxpayer dollars should be spent on programs that meet the real needs of our communities and address global problems. But the United States continually allocates a huge portion of our federal budget to militarized responses, which contributes to human suffering around the world and takes resources away from public health, housing, education, and other vital needs.  

While so many people are struggling with unemployment, food insecurity, and access to basic needs, Congress must do more to invest in our communities, not militarism.   

It’s time for a budget that reflects our values and funds human needs. We need significant cuts to the Pentagon budget and all forms of militarism — and for Congress to prioritize peacebuilding and investment in our communities. 

We must demand our tax dollars are spent more wisely and urge Congress to redirect money away from the Pentagon and abusive government agencies and start investing money where it matters: in programs that help people directly and build resilient communities and a world at peace.  

Sign the Petition: Demand Congress cut Pentagon spending and move the money to fund human needs!  

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Association of Concerned Africa Scholars (USA)
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The Juggernaut Project
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